The Elephant In The Room

Tackling the social inequality of homelessness

Our ‘Elephant in the Room’ campaign was launched in October 2017 to confront the social inequality of homelessness.

We linked up with groups in Hull, London and Leeds working to support homeless and marginalised people through providing practical and emotional help, as well as seeking to educate the public concerning the problems of social isolation and homelessness.

The Hull Homeless Community Project, Simon on the Streets in Leeds, and The West London Mission were selected as the charities to benefit from our support.

Simon on the Streets – West Yorkshire

Simon on the Streets was founded in 1999 and operates in Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield, aiming to help the ‘homeless and rootless’ who find themselves with nowhere else to turn.

It provides ‘unconditional support’ aimed at empowering them to improve their self-image and begin to think about making positive changes in their lives

As part of our support, five staff members took part in its annual ‘Sleep With Simon’ fundraiser in October 2017, a challenge in which people face a night in the open to not only raise funds through sponsorship, but to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the issues the homeless face, and as a result have a deeper sense of empathy for those who live that way every day.

Our team raised in excess of £1,000 for the charity on the night, adding to our initial donation of £5,000.

The West London Mission – London

Serving homeless and marginalised people since 1887, The West London Mission runs projects to support and empower some of the most vulnerable people in London.

It coordinates the Westminster Night Shelter and works with ex-military personnel during the transition with supported accommodation. They also run a Registered Care Home which is a sanctuary for 26 men with long-term alcohol dependency.

Many of their residents have experience of street homelessness and many have suffered from untreated illnesses and injuries, as well as the long term effects of poor diet and the mental health conditions associated with chronic alcoholism.

The Haven provides a stable environment where residents can make positive changes in their health, well-being and personal lives.

Hull Homeless Community Project – Hull

The Hull Homeless Community Project not only works with people rough sleeping on the streets, but its support extends to all those affected or at risk of homelessness.

It works to ensure those at risk of homelessness are supported before they hit crisis point, and says that breaking stereotypes is key to this.

Half of the charity’s work involves education and awareness to help people understand all aspects of homelessness, who can be affected and how.