The Thorpes Hub is an all-purpose community facility providing a wide range of services and a safe environment for all ages.

The Neil Hudgell Solicitors funding will enable the organisation to hold “how to cook healthy on a budget” sessions for families on low income.  They will run four courses which will each last for five weeks.  Beneficiaries will be parents on low incomes from the North Hull and Orchard Park area and approximately 48 parents will take part across the four courses.

The courses have already been a big success and Barbara Fox from Thorpes Hub said: “Many parents are finding it so hard to feed their families at the moment and it’s not getting any easier. We have used this money to start healthy cooking on a budget courses and the parents and children involved so far tell us it’s brilliant. It’s great seeing the kids enjoying making the food and trying loads of different vegetables and salads, we know that it will make a difference, word is spreading and there is loads of interest in our next course already.”

For more information please visit the Thorpes Hub Facebook page.