Southcoates Community & Parent Group

Southcoats Community and Parent GroupThe Neil Hudgell Solicitors Trust funding will provide books to enable Southcoates Community & Parent Group to run weekly story telling sessions for pre-school children and their parents.

These sessions will encourage parents and children to share the enjoyment of reading together. Sessions will also host specialist story tellers and also increase parents’ confidence in reading to their child. The group provided some feedback on how the project had gone:

  • Seeing the children sitting with their parents, cuddling their teddies and enjoying the stories.
  • Children who initially could not sit still became calmer and willing to sit and listen to the whole story.
  • Parents able to talk about the best time and ways to read with their children such as at bedtime.
  • Parents being able to discuss concerns with the school and also other parents.
  • Parents becoming more proactive in controlling their children and not letting them run around.
  • Seeing shy children become more confident coming into school.
  • School staff loved taking it in turns to read the stories at the sessions.
  • We will not be able to evaluate the impact the project had on pupils within school until they start in September, but we anticipate the children who attended will settle quicker to school life.

The school plans to run this project again for the children who will start Nursery after Christmas.