Root Theatre are based in Hull.

Funding from the Neil Hudgell Solicitors Trust will enable Root Theatre to purchase props and costumes contributing to the creation of a new play written by a young local writer.  The play will then be toured round Hull and East Yorkshire to non-traditional theatre spaces such as schools and community centres with the main focus being in socially deprived areas.

The organisation aims to perform the play to a total of 350 people and deliver workshops to at least 200 participants.
The work shops have now been planned. The play is Cosmic by Tom Wells, Director Jane Fallowfield and Designer Natalie Young

This is a  new comedy about love, loss and outer space set in Withernsea, a small town with a big night sky.

This performance will be followed by a playwriting workshop with Jane and Tom. Ever wanted to put pen to paper? Ever even thought about it? Come along to a fun, informal free workshop for new writers.


  • Jessica Morley
  • Mark Pollard
  • Jamie Samuel

Both the play and the workshop are free, but please call the box office on 01482 323638 to reserve your seats. You can find out more information on the Hull Truck web site by clicking here.

Cosmic Flyer

Following the successful project Jane Fallowfield fed back her thoughts and some comments they had received.

“Having money for set and props made a huge difference to the quality of our production, and the success of the project. It made the show come to life more successfully for audience members. It also allowed us to give more creative scope to our young designer who was able to realise her vision more satisfactorily with this budget.

“To take one of the youth centres we worked closely with as an example, 35 young people aged between 15 and 25 came along to see our play, which we performed in their common room.  They are young people who have been identified by schools or health services as being vulnerable and in need of support.  They would not normally go to see plays at the theatre or take part in a writing workshop, due to financial barriers or barriers around their lack of confidence in their academic abilities or a general lack of self confidence.  They got the chance to talk to the actors, director and writer before the show and asked lots of questions about theatre.  After the show, half the group stayed to take part in the workshop.  They responded positively to the exercises, came up with some great ideas and had a good time. I hope this might make them feel more confident in their abilities in the future.  Also, I hope it will encourage them to go along and see plays and consider that theatre might be something they would enjoy as opposed to something elitist and irrelevant.”

Here are some quotes from audience members:

  •  “Really excellent. The play was cool !!! The space was great. Even the shadows of the actors on the wall lent a special something else. Super.”
  • “We need you and we need this to stay in Hull. Thank you. Brilliant. So well acted, drew you into their stories. Moving. Fantastic venue.”
  • “Everything about it was absolutely beautiful! Thank you, loved it.”
  • “Well acted, beautiful piece of work.”
  • Simple beautiful performances and writing. So Honest.
  • “Loved the intimacy of the venue! Play was brilliant. ONLY criticism is the windows let too much light in. Excellent!”
  • “Exciting space. Fantastic show. Congratulations all round. Loved the show. Thought provoking. Funny. Great night. Bag ‘O’ greatness. Loved it!”
  • “That totally rocked! three great performances, one fantastic play.”