Pocklington & Wolds Gateway Partnership

A community partnership organising projects for the people of Pocklington and the surrounding area.

This community partnership received £1,000 from the Trust. Established around 2000, the partnership started off as a regeneration, local tourism project. It organises community-led projects for people in Pocklington and the surrounding areas. The funding from The Neil Hudgell Solicitors Trust was spent on The Pilgrimage of Grace education days for primary schools.

This was a two one-day workshop, each day giving around 120 children from local schools the opportunity to dress up, make sweets, sing and dance with a Tudor theme and re-enact the pilgrimage and hopefully do a procession into the marketplace (weather permitting).  The first workshop was held at All Saints Church, Pocklington on 16th Oct 2012 and the second workshop is yet to be confirmed.

Grahame Hicks, chairman of the Pocklington and Wolds Gateway Partnership said:  “We are thrilled to bits that the Neil Hudgell Solicitors Trust has given us the money, it’s a massive help to us.  The funding is crucial for us to be able to go ahead with the education days.
“Not only are we encouraging different members of the community to get to know each other but we’re encouraging the children to take pride in their area by learning the history of their surroundings and we’re very pleased the trust has recognised this.”

The Pilgrimage of Grace Heritage Project is committed to ensuring that this improtant part of the local history is known about within the region. The grant enabled the group to hold two activity days which altogether connected with almost 300 individuals, bringing the whole community together.

Some pictures from the event are below. Due to the success of this event Pocklington & Wolds Gateway Partnership are looking to hold another event in 2013.

You can find out more about the Pocklington and Wolds Gateway Partnership click here.