East Hull Amateur Boxing Club

East Hull Amateur Boxing Club (ABC) is an initiative set up to get youngsters off the streets and give them something to do.

The funding from the Neil Hudgell Solicitors Trust means they can purchase new equipment and will also enable the club to cater for their ever increasing demand as membership is growing fast.

Sean Ross, Head Coach at the club, said: “There are too many kids hanging around our streets with nothing to do, I know from personal experience how kids can learn so much about themselves from boxing and that this helps them to move their lives in the right direction, staying out of trouble and gaining confidence. With this funding we’ll be able to buy more head-guards so that when the boxers compete they will be properly equipped and safe.”

The club currently has 200 members with approximately 70 members per day attending boxing training, they aim to allow 100 new members access to the equipment. Sean opens the club seven days a week and also runs fitness classes for ages seven to seventy plus.

For more information please visit www.easthullabc.com/about-us

Since receiving the funding Sean Ross has updated us on the impact it has had. “The best thing about the project is that it’s really helped the club to get more involved due to having more equipment and more members involved in the activities we run. Without the small grants opportunities like these our club would not keep running so it’s made a real impact on the local community.”