Cobra Archers is a local archery club based in Goole, East Yorkshire.


COBRA_(1)The group offers tuition in archery skills and members regularly take part in competitions across the UK.  The Neil Hudgell Solicitors funding will cover the costs of new archery equipment.  The project will engage with approximately 200 young children.

Mary Hannon from Cobra Archers said: “With this new equipment we can teach archery in much smaller spaces than is traditionally required, allowing us to coach in schools that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to; an area the size of a badminton court is sufficient. The children love the challenge and often comment that it is much harder than they expected.”





Following the project Mary, provided some additional feedback:

  • Within the school setting it has allowed young children who would not normally be able to experience the sport, the ability to have a go and experience the skills needed (hand/eye coordnation, distance perception and the dexterity needed to physically place an arrow onto the string whilst holding a bow in the other hand).
  • Every child was able to have a go without any pressure being placed on them.
  • One of the schools is now offering the children the opportunity to go further with the sport. We are going into the after-school club in September to develop the skills further, thereby allowing those interested to develop their own potential within the sport.
  • Children now understand a little more about the sport, and some parents are looking at doing a beginners’ course at an Archery club.

Perhaps we’ll see some budding enthusiasts at the Olympics in Rio in 2016!

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