This charity provides weekly sessions for disabled and able bodied children to integrate in activities such as sports, arts and crafts, cooking and day trips.

The group has around 40 members.  The funding from Neil Hudgell Solicitors will contribute to the charity’s annual travel costs of around £7,000.

Ijaz Khan from Bradford PHAB explains: “Bradford PHAB brings together physically handicapped and able bodied people to share activities and experiences. Our biggest costs are transport and some of our members would not be able to come to PHAB without transport being provided.  We meet every week and go swimming once every two weeks, which is both great exercise and a relaxing way for everybody to make friends and enjoy each other’s company.

Bradford Phab Club

“Your assistance enabled us to continue with our weekly work and thus ensured that we were able to offer activities, including allowing the young people to partake in a filming project whereby they were actively encouraged to use cameras and equipment themselves. This included dressing up and doing make up, which they really enjoyed.”

For more information please visit or their facebook page at for recent news.