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Neil Hudgell Trust

The Neil Hudgell Trust is currently reviewing its grant making procedures and is not accepting any new applications at this time. Upon completing this review we will update the site accordingly. Please check back at a later date for updated information.

“Our aim was simple – to give something back”

Jo Hudgell introduces the hudgell trustWhen launching the Neil Hudgell Trust two years ago, our aim was simple – to give something back.

The grants are modest in size and in most cases the seeds of a great community project or initiative have already been sown, or perhaps even established, through the hard work of the individuals involved.

Our financial support simply helps them to reach out a little further.

Without doubt it is the passion, dedication and tireless efforts of volunteers in the organisations and groups which make them a success, supporting and enriching lots of lives in many ways.


The magic of the Trust has been its ability to make us all at Hudgell Solicitors realise what great work is going on in our local communities.

It is with this in mind that we are happy to continue and extend the work of the Trust into the foreseeable future and we hope that it continues to have a positive impact on communities
across the region.

Jo Hudgell
Chair of the Neil Hudgell Trust

Some of the organisations supported by the Neil Hudgell Trust