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No win, no fee spinal injury compensation claims

No win, no fee

Be represented by a highly-experienced spinal cord injury lawyer at no upfront cost to you. Under our No Win No Fee agreement you only pay a pre-agreed percentage of the compensation awarded if your case is successful

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Spinal injuries

Spinal injuries

Spinal injuries have a huge impact not only on the lives of those directly affected but also those closest to them, so it is vital to have a network of specialist support to ensure the best possible future.

Our team of spinal injury compensation solicitors have represented many people left highly dependent on others for care and support, and our lawyers specialise in ensuring families get the advice and support they need.

Whilst our spinal injury solicitors always seek to secure the maximum compensation possible, they also offer support and assistance with regards to adapting to life after a spine injury, helping people take the first steps back towards independence.

Read how our team provided a full package of rehabilitation support to Svilen Mihov, who suffered a serious spinal injury in a road traffic accident.


Specialist spinal cord injury solicitors

Specialist spinal cord injury solicitors

Not only do we focus on securing the highest possible damages settlement, we also use our excellent relationships with medical advisers, care providers, financial advisers and rehabilitation experts to pull together the very best network of support for those we represent.

Our support includes:

  • Free initial consultation – in your home, a hospital, or any place where you feel comfortable, to discuss your situation.
  • Immediate practical help – such as speaking to employers, lenders and insurers on your behalf and accessing means and non means tested benefits.
  • Pursuing interim payments – we seek early interim payments from insurers to provide the support and treatment required, and to fund any required home adaptations.
  • Buddy / charity support – we can introduce clients to ‘buddies’ – others who have suffered similar injuries and experienced the ‘journey’ to recovery – or charities which can provide vital support.
  • Long-term help – Access to investment advice after settlement to make sure compensation supports not only clients’ immediate needs but also over the years ahead.
  • Independent medical examinations – by experts to advise us on the impact of the spinal cord injury, and treatments needed to make the best possible return to independent living.
  • Rehabilitation – arranging ongoing treatment, spinal physiotherapy and mental health support.

Who can make a spinal cord injury claim?

Who can make a spinal cord injury claim?

Anyone who suffers a spinal cord injury either as a result of an accident which wasn’t their fault, or due to negligent medical care, may be able to make a spinal injury compensation claim.

Claims can be made by the individual themselves, or on behalf of someone else – such as a child. We have experience handling claims following a variety of incidents, including:-

Martin Hibbert talking to staff at Hudgell Solicitors

Our client stories

Client stories

Ensuring you get the Serious Injury compensation you deserve

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Kilimanjaro is my Marcus Rashford moment to start a revolution for spinal injuries’

Manchester Arena bombing survivor Martin Hibbert says he is taking inspiration from Marcus Rashford to raise awareness for the plight of those who suffer a spinal injury. The Manchester United and England forward’s campaign to lobby for free school meals brought the issue of starving children to the attention of the whole country. And now […]

How to make a spinal injury claim

How to make a claim

Make a claim in seven easy steps

Step 1

Free Initial Advice

Call us, request a callback or complete our online claim form and we will assess whether we think you have a claim.

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Step 2


We will help you to decide how best to fund your claim. Usually we will be able to offer you a No win, No fee agreement.

Step 3


We will arrange an Immediate Needs Assessment and invite your opponent’s insurers to fund any treatment or further support that you require and obtain funding for aids and specialist equipment.

Step 4

Letter Of Claim

We will send a letter to your opponent with details of your claim, setting out why we think they are at fault.

Step 5

Obtain Medical Records & Medical Reports

We will instruct a team of independent medical and non medical experts to deal with the injury sustained and past and future needs.

Step 6

Prepare Claim Valuation

We will put together a detailed schedule of loss will set out details of past and future losses based on the impact the spinal cord injury has had.

Step 7

Negotiate Settlement

We will send all the evidence to your opponent inviting their settlement proposals. If we cannot agree a reasonable settlement, we will prepare court proceedings.

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Our client reviews

Our client reviews

We’re always committed to getting the optimum outcome for you.

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5 Stars
Perfect service from start to finish, all helpful advice with a satisfactory outcome.
5 Stars
Mr Cadmen
A driver accelerated into my pushbike whilst stopped for a pedestrian to cross the road. Luckily I had cameras both front and rear. Meaning I could try to pursue the insurer of the vehicle through the solicitors team (GDPR got in the way of getting info about the driver from the police). I'd spoken to 2 solicitors, 1 cycle uk, was very evasive and didn't know if they would take on the case. I was pointed in the direction of Hudgells via a friend who'd also won a case with them. I spoken to Susan Richardson. She took on my case immediately. As this was a local solicitor. I was able to drop off the footage from both cameras almost immediately. I had a slight brain injury so was probably not easy to deal with because my brain would just stop mid sentence and I couldn't get my words out. Sue was extremely patient with me. She broke everything down so I could understand what was going on. But better still. In order for me to heal both mentally and physically. I requested that I could distance myself from the case. I gave her full control, she popped back to me as she needed information. But, she allowed me to distance myself to heal. I wouldn't have wanted to deal with the insurance companies myself. It appeared to me they tried to wriggle, squirm and drag it out. Any way. The whole case from beginning to end took 1 year for the case to complete and a pay out to be made. I won my case! I dealt with Sue from start to finish. Thank you Sue and thank you Hudgells. Highly recommended.
5 Stars
Anna Kelly
Very efficient
5 Stars
Chris Trousdale was the one of the youngest miscarriages of justice victims as a result of the Post Office Horizon scandal.
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What types of spinal injuries are there?

A spinal cord injury can be a result of a clinical emergency, a progressive disorder, a chronic condition, as a result of an accident or, in some cases, medical negligence. The severity of a spinal cord injury depends on a variety of factors.

A ‘complete’ spinal cord injury is where the damage sustained impacts the entire width, resulting in no functionality, muscle sensation, or control.

An ‘incomplete’ spinal cord injury does not spread across the whole spinal cord and therefore leaves an element of function intact. Sometimes, this will result in one side of the body being more affected than the other.

Specific types of injuries include:

  • Broken neck.
  • Fractured neck.
  • Broken vertebrae.
  • Cervical vertebrae.
  • Thoracic vertebrae.
  • Lumbar vertebrae.

How long after a spinal injury can I make a claim?

As with all personal injury claims made in the United Kingdom, there is a standard time limit of three years during which a claim for compensation must be made.

If court proceedings are not commenced within three years, the case is likely to become as time-barred meaning it cannot continue and the right to recover any compensation will be lost.

Even if your spinal cord injury happened over three years ago, still do get in touch. There are some limited exceptions to this rule and our expert spinal lawyers may still be able to help based on your individual circumstances.

How much compensation can I expect?

Compensation for spinal injury claims varies according to each individual case.

Due to the serious nature of the injury, many factors will need to be taken into account when assessing a spinal cord injury case and the financial, physical and psychological support required.

We not only consider the needs of the injured individual themselves, but also their family, should they need to provide care and support.

Needs at home, loss of earnings, and future care requirements will also be considered.

We understand you may already be facing the extra worry of financial loss, which is why we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your options.

However, the final settlement amount awarded is usually significantly higher than an average personal injury claim due to the life changing impact of the injury sustained.

There are a variety of factors that can affect your spinal cord injury compensation amount, including:

  • The severity of your injuries and pain suffered.
  • The impact of psychological damage.
  • Past loss of earnings and any future loss of earnings.
  • Costs of future professional care.
  • Costs of any home adaptations / equipment required.
  • Medical expenses such as for private treatment or counselling.
  • Past and future travel expenses.

How will Hudgells help me make a spinal cord compensation claim?

When you put your faith in Hudgell Solicitors you can be assured that your spinal injury compensation claim will be handled by an experienced team of specialists with expert knowledge of dealing with specialist injury claims.

Our expert solicitors are highly-experienced in supporting families through traumatic times, ensuring our legal expertise is provided in an understanding and sympathetic manner.

Once you get in touch, we’ll arrange a free, confidential chat to discover more about the circumstances of how the accident happened, the severity of injury and the impact it has had on everyday life.

If your case is taken on, at no cost to you, we will instruct professionals to provide assessments as to the physical, emotional, and psychological impact the spinal injury has had, gathering any supporting evidence to support the claim.

We offer our clients full access to independent medical experts as well as other help, advice and support networks that we have established.

We also always seek to reach a settlement without the need for going to court, and achieve this in the vast majority of our cases either before and after the issue of formal court proceedings.

The first step is to get in touch using our online claim form.

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