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Spinal Injury Compensation Claims

If you have suffered a spinal injury, you will know the impact that this has had on your life and that of the closest people around you. Our specialist spinal claims solicitors can assist you in getting the amount of compensation that will support your current and future needs, whilst advising you on the best chances of rehabilitation.

Our solicitors are experts with extensive experience in conducting spinal injury compensation claims of this nature, handling them with sensitivity and sympathy at all times.

Not only will we provide the expert advice and assistance you need when considering making a legal claim, but we are also committed to helping you towards the best possible quality of life.

By using our excellent relationships with medical advisers, care providers, financial advisers and rehabilitation experts, we can process your spinal injury claim whilst helping to take care of your personal life too.

From the outset, we will be dedicated to making the process as straightforward as possible for you and your family, whilst working hard to secure the compensation you deserve.

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Why choose us to handle your spinal injury claim

Spinal cord injuries can be suffered in many different circumstances, from accidents in the workplace, out on the road or when competing in sports.

Regardless of how it happens, any spinal injury tends to have a massive impact on the individual’s life, limiting both their mobility and ability to care for themselves.

That’s why the expert team which handles our spine injury claims recognise how difficult it can be to come to terms with the lifelong changes that spinal injuries bring.

It is also often a difficult time for those who love and care for the injured person, as they are often needed to provide dedicated care and support.

Spinal injuries which have occurred as the result of an accident are very different from a standard personal injury compensation claim – because many contributing factors have to be taken into account when assessing the case. This includes the long-term impact on the individual and their family, their needs at home and loss of earnings – as they may not be able to work again.

Our solicitors are serious injury specialists, with years of case-handling experience, and they’ll will happily provide you with a comprehensive and detailed breakdown of how your claim will be handled.

Why you may need to make a spinal injury claim

Getting your life back on track after suffering a spine or spinal cord injury is far from easy.

That’s why we offer all our clients access to medical advisers, care providers and rehabilitation experts.

In order to benefit from the rehabilitation advantages that they can provide on a long-term basis, you may need to pay for ongoing treatment – one of the main reasons why securing a spinal injury compensation claim is of paramount importance.

Compensation can help to pay for a number of things, including:

  • Private healthcare
  • Rehabilitation
  • Home adaptations
  • Transport
  • Loss of earnings

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How long after a spinal injury can I make a compensation claim?

As with all personal injury claims made in the United Kingdom, there is a standard limit of three years during which a claim for compensation must be made. If legal proceedings do not start in a court within three years, the case may become what is known as time-barred or statute barred.

How to make a spinal cord compensation claim

When you put your faith in Hudgell Solicitors, you can be assured that your spinal injury case will be handled by an experienced team of specialists with expert knowledge of dealing in specialist injury claims.

The following outlines how we’ll handle your case:

  • Free initial consultation in your home, at hospital, or any place where you feel comfortable, to discuss your situation.
  • We’ll take full details of how you suffered your injury and assess the merits of a potential claim. This is when we will let you know if we can handle your case on a no win no fee basis.
  • Start the evidence gathering process to support your case.
  • Arrange for you to be examined by an independent medical expert, who will advise on the impact of your spinal injury and the treatments needed to make the best possible recovery.
  • Use all the relevant information to propose a compensation package that best reflects your long-term needs in order to negotiate a suitable settlement on your behalf.
  • If this isn’t possible, or any party involved denies being responsible for your injuries, we would start legal proceedings on your behalf. If this process begins, your spinal injury claim may still be settled before a court hearing occurs.

Whilst our spinal injury solicitors will seek to secure the maximum compensation possible for you, we also offer you the maximum support and assistance in adapting to life after a spine injury, helping you take the first steps back towards independence.

We are also committed to dealing with your claim in a down-to-earth, straight-talking and friendly manner.

What types of spinal injuries are there?

The severity of a spinal cord injury (SCI) depends on many factors. But an SCI is in fact a clinical emergency, a progressive disorder and a chronic condition.

A ‘complete’ spinal cord injury is where the damage sustained impacts on the entire width, resulting in no functionality, muscle sensation or control.

An ‘incomplete’ SCI does not spread across the whole spinal cord and therefore leaves an element of function intact. Sometimes this will result in one side of the body being more affected than the other.

Specific types of injuries include:

  • Broken neck
  • Fractured neck
  • Broken vertebrae
  • Cervical vertebrae
  • Thoracic vertebrae
  • Lumbar vertebrae

How much compensation will I get for a spinal injury?

Compensation amounts can vary according to each individual case. However, the final settlement amount awarded for a spinal injury or spinal cord injury is usually a lot higher than an average personal injury claim.

To discover how much compensation our previous clients have received, take a look at the following case studies.

Matthew Tuff, senior solicitor specialising in spinal cord injury compensation:

Having dealt with a large number of spinal injury claims in recent years, our dedicated team has extensive experience in conducting compensation claims involving injuries to the spine.

As well as taking complete care of the legal process surrounding your claim, our spinal injury solicitors put your health and recovery at the centre of everything we do.

We promise to always treat you as a person and not just a case, which is why clients we have worked with and represented in the past would be happy to recommend us.

If you want an informal discussion or are simply keen to find out more about whether to make a spinal injury claim, make a no obligation appointment with us now.

Useful spinal cord injury resources & organisations

If you have suffered a spine injury or spinal cord injury, there are a number of organisations which may be able to offer you help, advice, support and guidance.

The following links are to organisations which may be able to help you further if you have suffered from a spinal injury or spinal cord injury.

Aspire – An organisation which helps to fund spinal injury research, they also focus on the rehabilitation, reintegration and support of people with spinal injury.

Back Up Trust – This charity is designed to help inspire independence in anyone affected by spinal cord injury, providing rehabilitation advice, useful resources and training through its team of volunteers, mentors and skilled professionals.

Spinal Injuries Association – As the national organisation for people who have experienced spinal cord injuries, SIA offer advice and support for individuals and families living with spinal cord injuries (SCI).

Regardless of how the impairment occurred, or whether it resulted in full or partial paralysis, the SIA will offer help and advice to the individual, their family and friends.

Directgov – A useful resource for disabled people, offering details about financial support, housing benefits, employment rights, transport and information for carers.

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No win no fee

  • we will arrange personal insurance cover so there’s no financial risk to you in pursuing a spinal injury compensation claim
  • whatever the outcome of your case, you won’t have to pay a penny (provided that you fully assist us with your claim) other than an agreed percentage of your damages