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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident Compensation Claims

Being involved in a road accident as a pedestrian can be very serious, with the potential for long-term or even life-changing injuries. When a pedestrian accident is caused by someone else’s negligence or a lack of proper roadside safety, getting compensation can help to provide financial stability and cover medical costs.

As experts in handling pedestrian accident compensation cases, our specialist personal injury lawyers at Hudgell Solicitors are here to guide you through the claims process and fight on your behalf for the compensation you’re entitled to.

Pedestrian Injury Claims

Not only are increasing numbers of vehicles and cyclists using the roads, but they are doing so with ever-more distractions impacting on safety, such as the increasing use of mobile phones behind the wheel leading to the potential for more pedestrian accidents.

This places an extra emphasis on the need for pedestrians to ensure they are alert and aware of danger at all times. However, despite taking all possible precautions, pedestrians are still vulnerable on the roads and very often are the victim of either careless, poor or outright dangerous driving.

Specialists in Pedestrian Accident Claims

We’ve helped people secure personal injury compensation for the pain and suffering caused by being involved in a pedestrian accident, and secured access to crucial rehabilitation support, medical treatment and assessments, and recovered financial losses which they had suffered as a result of their accidents.

  • Our dedicated team of pedestrian accident solicitors are highly experienced in handling personal injury claims across the UK.
  • We are members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), an organisation dedicated to improving services for victims of personal injury.
  • As personal injury specialists, we also work hard to campaign for improved safety on the roads.
  • We have also been recommended as a leading firm in The Legal 500’s 2021 edition.

How Do You Make a Pedestrian Injury Claim?

Our personal injury specialist will guide you through every step of making a pedestrian injury claim, from gathering evidence to build your case, to any legal proceedings that may be required. There are generally four main steps to the pedestrian accident claims process.

Step 1: Assessing your pedestrian accident claim and gathering evidence

The first part of the process is making sure we fully understand your experience, working closely with you to establish where the liability lies and gathering any necessary evidence. This might involve contacting witnesses or police reports if available, ensuring we know every detail of the incident.

Step 2: Assessing your ongoing medical and support needs

Being injured in a road accident as a pedestrian can result in severe injuries that might need long-term treatment, not to mention the potentially life-changing emotional trauma. This is an important factor in working out how much to claim for, ensuring medical costs will be covered, as well as any other support or rehabilitation you might need.

An independent medical expert will assess your injuries to determine the care and treatment you need, and we’ll liaise with the insurance of any responsible parties to make sure the costs are covered following a pedestrian accident.

Step 3: Calculating the pedestrian accident compensation claim

After establishing all the details of your pedestrian accident, along with the medical care and any other ongoing support you’ll need, we can calculate the level of compensation to claim for.

As well as medical costs, this will include other factors such as loss of earnings due to being off work or no longer able to work at your current job, and damage to your possessions such as a phone or laptop.

The agreed figure will be put to the opposing party for them to accept or come back with a counter offer. If an agreement can’t be reached on a fair settlement, the case might need to go to court to be ruled on by a judge. The level of compensation will also be decided on by the judge, based on the cases put forward.

Your pedestrian injury lawyer at Hudgell Solicitors will be with you during every step of this process.

Step 4: Case conclusion

Once everything above has been concluded, the compensation sum can be awarded and paid to you, so long as your pedestrian accident claim has been successful.

If the claim has been unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay a penny as we handle all pedestrian injury claims on a no win no fee basis.

Our Pedestrian Accident Experts

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Do I qualify for a pedestrian injury claim?
    In general, if your pedestrian accident took place within the last three years, and your injuries were caused by the negligence of other drivers or poor road safety infrastructure, there’s a chance you could have a claim.
    The best way to establish if you might have a pedestrian injury claim is to get in touch with us and speak to our team of expert personal injury lawyers. We can then look at your case and start to understand your story to see how we might be able to help.
    You could also make a claim on behalf of a family member injured in a pedestrian accident that wasn’t their fault.
How much compensation can I expect for a pedestrian injury claim?
    The amount you could receive for a successful pedestrian injury compensation claim will depend on the specific circumstances of your case.
    When we start to work out the amount, we look at every detail of what happened to you to establish where the fault lies and the impact of the accident on your life. This includes physical injuries and emotional trauma, as well as any damage to possessions you were carrying at the time, such as a phone or laptop.
    A compensation amount will also cover any loss of earnings because of taking time off work, or even losing your job because of long-term injuries or side-effects of the accident.
    Your Hudgell team of pedestrian accident specialists will work closely with you to ensure we’re fighting for a fair and realistic compensation claim on your behalf, helping you to keep your life moving forward.
How much can I claim for getting hit by a car in a road traffic accident?
    Every pedestrian accident claim is different, and the amount you can claim for will depend on the specifics of your case.
    The compensation figure will account for things like medical costs and ongoing care, as well as emotional trauma and life-altering injuries.
    It will also take loss of earnings and other factors into account to ensure the figure you claim for is fair and realistic, and gives you the compensation you’re entitled to.
How do I start my claim for personal injury compensation?
    Call our expert team of pedestrian injury lawyers for free advice today, or use our contact form to request a call back and one of our specialists will be in touch.
    We’ll give you straightforward and honest advice based on what happened to you, so that you’ll know all of your options and what we can do to help.
How much will my pedestrian accident claim cost?
    All pedestrian accident claims taken on by Hudgell Solicitors are handled on a no win no fee basis. This means that you will not have to pay any money up front and there will be no financial risk if your case is unsuccessful.
    If your case is successful, you will only be expected to pay a contribution to your solicitor’s fees once the case has been resolved. The costs paid are usually a percentage of the compensation awarded and will be agreed before your case is carried out.

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