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Motorcycle Accident Compensation

A motorcycle accident can result in injuries that may have a long-lasting impact on the victims life and their loved ones. As experts in handling compensation claims for for personal injuries, we understand the complexities often attached to road traffic accidents whilst offering the immediate support often needed.

Motorcycle accident claims can be made for:

  • Motorbike riders being knocked off when not seen by other drivers
  • Other road users’ lack of awareness of motorbikes at junctions
  • Motorists failing to see a motorbike because of their car windscreen pillars
  • Potholes or uneven surfaces, due to lack of road maintenance
  • Loose chippings on the road, diesel spillages, or debris left on roads by others causing a vehicle to skid

Without air bags and seat belts, injuries suffered as the result of a vehicle hitting a motorbike can be severe and life-changing, as the vast majority of the force is absorbed by the bike and rider. Injuries we commonly see suffered include;

The following video helps to explain the process of making a claim:

Should you suffer injuries through a motorbike crash that was not your fault, our team of specialist solicitors will be able to support you in a claim for compensation.

That means we focus on securing damages that truly reflect the impact the injury has had on your life. The aim is to compensate you for your suffering, recover your losses, and provide access to rehabilitation support to recover physically, as is best possible.

Meet Leanne Stephenson, our personal injury specialist:

Our specialist team of personal injury lawyers have extensive experience of dealing with legal cases involving motorbike accidents, and our clients can be assured that our work is always focussed around securing a compensation settlement which truly reflects the impact the injury has had on their life.

Importantly, we have a track record of providing access to excellent rehabilitation support. We have strong relationships with a number of charity organisations and specialist groups who are able to provide support during and after a client’s recovery path.

“Partnerships with both The Brain Injury Group and Headway (the brain injury association), can help support people affected by brain injury, and their families, after a serious motorcycle accident.

We pride ourselves on cutting through the legal jargon to give you regular updates in plain English. That way you’ll feel positive in the pursuit of your claim, and truly understand your rights at all times.

Do you have a serious or complex claim?

Hudgell Solicitors specialise in dealing with complex and serious injury claims.

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How compensation can help you

We’ll seek to secure you compensation for your pain and suffering, and any long term consequences of injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident.

Our teams will cut through the complexities of making a claim, establishing liability and then negotiating a final settlement which fully compensates you and provides for your family.

We can even pursue a claim on your behalf if you are involved in an accident with an untraced or uninsured driver.

From our experience of handling motorcycle claims, we know such accidents can also often result in some form psychological trauma, and a successful compensation will help cover the cost of both physical and psychological treatment.

You may also require further care, or perhaps require alterations to your house. These costs – whether past or planned in the future – will be taken into account.

Depending upon the circumstances, we may also be able to arrange for some of your compensation to be paid early, if you require treatment or new equipment to aid your recovery.

Finally, will seek to recover all lost earnings for your family as a result of your injuries, making finances one less thing to worry about. If you have to stop working all together, we can look to claim for your future losses also.

What will my claim cost?

As we handle all cases on a ‘no win no fee basis’, making a claim for compensation will not cost you a penny up front, and if successful, you will only be expected to pay an agreed percentage of the compensation you are awarded.

Your claim will seek to cover your injury, any repairs needed to your motorcycle and attire, the cost of alternative transport needed after your accident, any loss of earnings, and the costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Most recent case:

It was supposed to be an enjoyable scenic ride out on his motorbike, making the most of the sunshine on a hot summer’s day.

But as John Hannah was travelling from Burton Constable towards Leven in the East Riding, a car towing a caravan pulled across his path in a move that would change his life in an instant.

The father-of-three, from Anlaby, was hit by the side of the caravan and became trapped underneath it. He suffered a severe head injury, two collapsed lungs, a pelvic injury which required metal work to repair, back fractures, a knee injury, and a fractured femur.

Read the full story here…

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