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No Win, No Fee Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Compensation Claims

No win, no fee

Be represented by a highly-experienced child brain injury lawyer at no upfront cost to you. In successful child brain injury cases, 100 per cent of the final damages settlement is awarded to the child for their lifelong care needs.

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Family focused support

Family focused support

Our highly-experienced team of specialists support many children and their families through brain injury rehabilitation as part of personal injury and medical negligence compensation claims.

Our solicitors know such injuries can bring lifelong changes, not only for your child, but also for all loved ones and other family members who often need to adjust and adapt to a completely new way of living.

Our work has been recognised nationally for our rehabilitation led approach, as we are committed to ensuring all children we represent benefit from a specifically tailored and focused brain injury rehabilitation programme.

We also guarantee 100 per cent of the final damages settlement awarded to the child for their lifelong care needs.


Quality of life the priority

Quality of life the priority

Although awards of compensation may be high in cases related to a child suffering a traumatic brain injury, it is our belief that simply aiming to provide financial security is not enough.

Injured children, and those who love and provide for them, deserve quality of life too.

That means we’ll focus our efforts on developing a brain injury rehabilitation programme which provides the most appropriate treatment, as close as possible to your family home.

This will be done alongside building the strongest possible legal claim around the circumstances which caused your child’s brain injury.


Specialist help at home

Specialist help at home

Upon discharge from hospital, we utilise home-based clinical therapists, wherever possible, to reduce the strain on both the child and their family of attending numerous appointments in unfamiliar settings.

When a child suffers a traumatic brain injury, the care provided may need private sector support, rather than the NHS, which all forms part of our child brain injury claim when negotiating with defendants,

We ensure services are provided in a clear and consistent manner, engaging with the many organisations involved in your child’s upbringing and development to ensure they have the very best opportunities possible.


Vital interim payments

Vital interim payments

Part of a child brain injury claim can be an agreement for interim payments to be made in advance of a final settlement, which is often not defined until the child has reached adulthood.

Such payments can help us instruct case managers to oversee dedicated traumatic brain injury rehabilitation programmes, including private medical treatment, full care plans and support.

It can also ensure the earliest implementation of crucial physiotherapy, and also assist with the adaptation of accommodation to meet a family’s needs,

Our team has a track-record of securing substantial interim payments from defendants in cases of children with brain injuries.

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How can claiming compensation for a child brain injury help?

A child injury compensation claim can cover:

  • Compensation for the severity of injury suffered and the likely prognosis.
  • Damages to cover the cost of treatment, both immediate and in the future.
  • Psychological injuries suffered due to the emotional trauma.
  • Costs incurred through travelling to hospital or for medical appointments.
  • The cost of aids & equipment or home adaptations required due to your child’s injury.
  • Loss of earnings should you need to take time off, or give up work to care for your child.
  • Any future financial losses that your child will suffer as a result of a life changing injury.

How do I make a claim for child injury compensation?

Anyone under the age of 18 is deemed to be a minor for legal proceedings so an adult, usually a parent, family member or a guardian, needs to make a claim on the child’s behalf.

This person is known as a ‘Litigation Friend’ – someone who acts in the best interests of the child through the legal process.

In England and Wales, child injury compensation claims cannot be settled without the approval of a Judge. Our legal experts will offer support and guide you through the claims process.

The Court approval process is generally straightforward, concludes with an Infant Approval Hearing. Such hearings often take place remotely or in a Judge’s chamber at a local County Court, although any settlement over £50,000 requires Court of Protection involvement.

How does a judge decide on injury compensation awards for children?

The Judge will review the papers and conclude whether the settlement proposed is in the child’s best interest. If the Judge considers the settlement is below a reasonable range, then they will not approve the proposal.

Court approval inevitably means compensation claims for children can take longer. It does however ensure that a child is protected and achieves the optimal amount negligence compensation for their injury.

When will my child receive their compensation payout?

Should there be an immediate need for funds, such as essential rehabilitation treatment, accommodation, equipment and care, interim payments can often be agreed between parties and approved.

These payments can be made prior to the child turning 18, provided the Court is satisfied it is for the child’s use.

In some cases our legal team have secured a number of interim payments in child injury cases, over a number of years, providing the money to pay for physical and psychological treatments, and to fund essential equipment or adaptations to accommodation.

If interim payments are not required, compensation is paid into the Court Funds Office until the child reaches 18 years of age. The money will be invested and accrue interest until the child reaches 18.

Sometimes the Court may be prepared for the compensation to be paid into an alternative investment, set up by the Litigation Friend, for the child to access when they reach 18.

This tends to only be considered in more modest claims and ultimately this decision rests with the Court. Once a child reaches 18 any funds invested will be released to them.

Can the money be paid into a Personal Injury Trust?

Yes. We can help our clients set up a personal injury trust on behalf of a child. Benefits of doing this include the child’s compensation not impacting on any means tested benefits that they receive when they turn 18. Money placed in a trust can only be accessed by appointed trustees, such as a parent and a solicitor. In order to get money out of the personal injury trust, all trustees must agree to its release.

Why choose Hudgell Solicitors for child brain injury compensation claims?

We continue to offer free legal support to children who suffer brain injuries, with a promise of them retaining 100 per cent of the damages secured.

Due to being accredited specialists in birth injury claims, we are also one of only a small number of firms to have a legal aid franchise for representing families when a child suffers a neurological injury before, during or no later than 8 weeks from birth, through the public purse, ensuring families are not left out of pocket when seeking the compensation and support they will require, often for the rest of the child’s life.

We also ensure our support has a long-term focus. This includes employing our own highly-experienced in-house Professional Deputy, Eve Carter, who offers support in managing finances for those left without mental capacity, or decisions relating to their future health and welfare.

We are also able to ensure families benefit from independent, expert financial advice as part of our free, no obligation ‘Life after settlement’ consultation.

Issues covered and planned for can include:

  • Protecting and maximising your future benefits entitlements.
  • Budgeting and financial planning.
  • Cash flow modelling.
  • Low-risk investment opportunities.
  • Property ownership.

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Client stories

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Client reviews

We’re always committed to getting the optimum outcome for you.

Hudgell Solicitors took my case on and my expectations were exceeded. All persons at Hudgell are professional and courteous. My claim was one against Norfolk Police. Without going into details, the Police had clearly been in the wrong and were in process of accusing me of exactly what they had actually done to me and a further cover up of the truth. Hudgell took my instructions and were in contact with me during the whole process and brought about a very satisfactory outcome. To be clear...Satisfactory is a very good outcome. I would recommend Hudgell without question. I feel I have been treated respectfully and my case notes were engrained into those at Hudgell that helped me get a conclusion to the most heinous acts from the Norfolk Police.
5 Stars
Philip Moore
My brother was the victim of quite a bad motorcycle accident where he was not at fault. Sadly he only held third party cover so whilst he was in hospital I was asked by him to find a solicitor to claim against the third party. After doing some research I chose Hudgell to help us (even tho Neil Hudgell is the owner of the dreaded Hull KR and I am a massive FC fan). INITIAL CONTACT I made contact by phone and this was a simple conversation. The member of staff was very friendly and extremely helpful. All the questions I had were dealt with and I was very happy with the outcome of the call. FOLLOWING INITAL CONTACT. Within half an hour of contacting Hudgell’s a senior manager made contact with me and discussed what would happen next. Again this was very personal and really helpful. After another half an hour Sam (my brother’s now solicitor) called me. We chatted about what had happened and what he was planning to do initially. Sam was really friendly and understanding. He put me at ease right away and explained everything clearly and directly answering all questions I had. Within a week of the claim being opened Sam and Laura (Chartered Legal Executive) visited my brother in hospital. They helped put him at ease immediately and talked through what would happen, what their objectives were and also but more importantly made my brother understand that they would do everything to help him in any way he needed. After this meeting in the hospital we were happy that this claim was in safe hands. Sam the Solicitor A very friendly chap who shoots from the hip and tells you a spade is a spade. A chap who doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. A really likable man who you would want to have a pint with and we did not always look at him as the solicitor. He kept us updated at all stages and was always contactable. I did have one heated conversation with Sam BUT this was a good thing. I say this because he is very passionate about his job sometimes when a third person (me) is acting on behalf of the victim (my brother) it can be a little hard at times to please everyone. He took all we threw at him and directed us really well. Sam thank you for all your hard work, your support and the outcome. Laura Chartered Legal Executive What can I say about Laura, an absolute gem this lady is. Professional, very committed to her job, compassionate, More than helpful, caring and really cared in my opinion about my brother and his recovery. Every contact we had with Laura was amazing. She is one of those people who puts you at ease right away. Laura dealt with every problem with put at her feet, every question we had she dealt with and if she could not answer there and then she would find the answers we needed. If we had a problem she would find a solution. Again always contactable and if she could not respond immediately to a call she would call back within the business day. Laura thank you for all your hard work, Thank you for being there when we were dealing with all the problems we had. Both Sam and yourself are a credit to your company and your profession. The service provided by Hudgell’s far exceeded what we expected. If you need the services Hudgell provides then I would highly recommend your choice of solicitors is this company.
5 Stars
Mark Fox
I was represented/instructed by Mobeena Salim, who was always available when i wanted to discuss my case, which was reassuring and comforting. We were able to pressure the defendants who eventually agreed to settle and this meant we did not have the drawn out court process! Overall, i am happy with the service, only criticism is that i feel we could have settled a higher amonut if we continued negotiations. Would use this firm again! Thanks for everything.
4 Stars
S C Williams
I am sorry but the person's name that dealt with me who was admin was Natasha - my name is definitely not Natalie but obviously it shows how much attention you pay to people's particulars and case details. So sorry not interested in your services - as previously mentioned when it comes to medical negligence, you are impersonal, inefficient and inaccurate. Also the comment went on TP on the 22nd March and you provided yet another generic response on the 2nd April.
1 Stars
Calista Harrison
Chris Trousdale was the one of the youngest miscarriages of justice victims as a result of the Post Office Horizon scandal.
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