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Life after serious injury


We know that the main priority for all who suffer an injury – whether it be minor or a serious head or brain injury – is to get their lives back on track as quickly as possible. With this in mind, we are proud to have been nationally recognised for our rehabilitation support services. We understand that any form of injury, whether as a result of an accident or negligence, not only affects the individual but also their friends and family.

We tailor our programmes of support according to the severity of your injury, whilst also recognising that individual circumstances can mean that even a moderate injury can have a huge impact on day to day life, and will require special assistance.

Following the NHS Rehabilitation Guidelines published in 2016, our specialist claims solicitors pay close attention not only to your clinical needs, but also to the impact on your family, your ability to work and earn, and to enjoy your hobbies.

Under the national 2015 Rehabilitation Code, which was designed for use alongside legal claims, and the Rehabilitation Code, we make full use of legal requirements placed on defendants to consider making funds available for rehabilitation as soon as possible for injuries caused.

We also assist people in accessing welfare benefits and charity support before the first cheque is received from those compensating them.

Please download a full copy of our Life Changing Injury Handbook.

Our Rehabilitation Services

Moderate injuries

From day one of your claim, our team at Hudgell Solicitors will work towards getting the quickest and most effective treatment in place, such as physiotherapy, and if required, sessions of relevant counselling.

We will also:
  • Provide you with disability aids during your recuperation, if needed
  • Ensure your finances are not a worry
  • Keep your employer informed about how long you may need to be off work
  • Keep your bank manager aware of your financial situation
  • Explain to your bank that any loss or earnings will be covered
  • Whatever issues are impacting most on your life as a result of your injury, we will seek to identify them all and reduce any immediate hardship caused by your accident.
Severe or life-threatening injuries

For those with severe and perhaps life-threatening injuries, our focus is always on securing the earliest possible help and support in order to ensure the very best chance of recovery.

We know that the impact of your injuries will have a profound effect on your life going forwards and want to make sure our expertise and experience provides you with the very best chance of rebuilding your life.

This could be through:
  • Physical or emotional support
  • Securing damages to cover for loss of earnings
  • Accessing funds to make adaptations at home
  • All of these can help to make life easier

As well as offering legal expertise, our clients also have access to a team of people with special expertise in managing serious injuries.


One of the most helpful things we can offer our clients is access to our wide range of people who have been through similar injuries and situations themselves. Our ‘buddies’ support system sees us put our clients put in touch with someone who has survived a similar injury and gone on to enjoy a new and rewarding life afterwards.

This includes support from the charity Paul For Brain Recovery, in which founder Paul Spence, who suffered a serious brain injury himself, offers one-to-one support to our clients to help them on their own road to recovery. Please ask the lawyer handling your claim for further details.

Case managers

In complex cases we will help you to select a private, professionally qualified, care coordinator – known as a case manager. Your case manager will draw up an immediate assessment of your needs, identifying priorities for both you and your family.

They will then work hard to implement that programme by liaising with everyone connected with your treatment, and all those involved in the legal claim.For example, you may need adapted accommodation or transport once you leave hospital, as well as clinical support in the community which cannot be provided by the NHS.

Our case managers are selected for their knowledge of private, statutory and charitable provision so you can achieve a holistic level of support at all times.They will provide your lawyer with detailed costings to enable them to seek interim funds from the compensator to implement your rehabilitation programme.

Case managers also assist us in striving to help our clients find new and meaningful ways of living their lives when they cannot return to their previous lifestyle. We have many inspirational examples of clients who have gone on to do just that.

Career support through rehabilitation

If you have been injured as a child or young adult, you are unlikely to have set out on a career path and your ability to train for work may well have been disrupted. We engage specialist careers consultants to help you find the right way forward at work, whilst living with your disability.

If you had regular employment before your accident or injury, you will no doubt be concerned about whether you can ever return to your previous role.We use ‘return to work’ experts who will listen to your goals and ambitions, as well as objectively assessing your working abilities and limitations.

They will assist you with the relevant steps to help you back to a meaningful occupation, whether full-time or part-time, paid or voluntary. This may include jobs searches, phased returns to work, job sharing and retraining.

If you are a professional working in the rehabilitation sector and are looking after a patient where a legal claim is ongoing, see our specialist guide on rehabilitation and the legal process. If you have an acquired brain injury, our guide to the legal help you may receive, will help you and your family understand the support you may be entitled to as part of your legal claim.

"Leaving her ‘perfect’ new bungalow and getting back behind the wheel of a car to drive herself to her physio session, Angela Menzies has her independence back after a horror car crash which almost claimed her life."

Samuel McFadyen, Associate, Personal Injury

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