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Having been on the same road to recovery, our ambassadors are here to support you on your journey to better health. Talking to someone who has been through a similar experience can be hugely beneficial, helping you overcome the trauma of a serious injury and come out the other side with positivity.

Through our community work, we’ve established a network of ambassadors who dedicate their time to helping people who’ve suffered serious injuries. These people have walked the road to recovery too, and can offer insight, support, guidance and understanding when you need it most.

Find out more about the work of our ambassadors below, and how, through our tailored rehabilitation packages, they can help to provide you with support, guidance and encouragement in the aftermath of a serious, life-changing injury.

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Buddy Support

Recognising the positive impact in talking to someone who has been through a similar experience, we launched our ‘buddy’ mentoring scheme. This is a free service that allows our clients to call upon the experience and understanding of our ambassadors — whether they’ve suffered a brain injury, spinal-cord injury or an amputation.

Brain injury survivor Paul Spence is an official ambassador for Hudgell Solicitors. Having made his own recovery, Paul now helps others overcome the challenge of rehabilitation, remain positive, and keep focused on their long-term goals as part of our buddy programme.

Here, Paul discusses the positive influence our buddy support programme can have on the lives of those affected by serious injury:

“Nothing could prepare me or my family for the battle of brain recovery, how it not only impacts on your life, but all those around you.

“By being there for the clients of Hudgell Solicitors, I am able to act as a positive role model. I know staying positive is key, and I try and ensure the people I support are always looking ahead with positivity.”

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A Positive Step on the Road to Recovery

No matter how serious your injuries, our buddy support programme is here to help you make steps on the road to recovery. We have long recognised that support needs to go further than financial compensation. Through our ambassadors, we can ensure our clients receive the best support possible to help them recover from a life-changing injury.

Our managing director, Neil Hudgell, recognises the importance of non-monetary aftercare, saying: “People need support, understanding and positivity, something that often only somebody who has experienced a similar situation can provide. Such support can be difficult to access when patients leave

“People need support, understanding and positivity, something that often only somebody who has experienced a similar situation can provide. Such support can be difficult to access when patients leave hospital and return home.

“It is a huge life-changing moment for both the individual and their families, so the impact of having a buddy to turn to can be massive.”

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“The support I received has been fantastic. It has helped me to find a new goal in life and given me a career ambition to become an occupational therapist, which I would never have considered before my accident.

“I know I face difficulties and, due to the impact of my injuries, many aspects of my life are uncertain  but I am looking forward now.”

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