Rehabilitation Guide: Coping with the Effects of Life-Changing Injury

The weeks following a life-changing injury are hugely challenging, both for the individual affected and their loved ones. Serious injury affects every aspect of a person’s life, from how they live to their financial situation — making the journey to better health that much more demanding.

Coping with the impact of a life-changing injury isn’t easy, but with the right help and support, you and your family will reach the road to recovery. Our personal injury solicitors support families in the aftermath of a life-changing injury, providing guidance and understanding to restore normality to everyday life.

True to our philosophy of “seeing the person, not just the claim”, we recognise that people need more than financial support following a serious injury. This guide offers advice on coping with the impact of a life-changing injury, so you can access support and services that will aid rehabilitation.


Hudgell Life Changing Injury Handbook (pdf)

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Exceptional Support for You and Your Family

We’ve developed a comprehensive support package for those affected by serious injury, helping you access useful services and take positive steps on the road to recovery. From our ‘buddy’ mentoring scheme, which lets you call on the experience of others who have suffered serious injury, to our close partnerships with trusted case managers and charities — you and your family will benefit from exceptional support and guidance when seeking help from Hudgell Solicitors.

We wish you and your family well, and hope this guide proves helpful on the journey to recovery. Click the links below to access our rehabilitation guides or download the full PDF version to read at your leisure.

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Long term package of rehabilitation has Thomas on the road to recovery after life-changing accident

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“The support I received has been fantastic. It has helped me to find a new goal in life and given me a career ambition to become an occupational therapist, which I would never have considered before my accident.

“I know I face difficulties and, due to the impact of my injuries, many aspects of my life are uncertain  but I am looking forward now.”

Thomas, Hudgell Solicitors’ client

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