Hudgell Solicitors™ | Reward 4 Recommendations

Who can participate?

This scheme is available exclusively to our previous and current clients, as a thank you for them recommending Hudgell Solicitors to their friends and family.

It is not available to any firm, company or individual who we reasonably suspect to be recommending our services on any form of commercial basis, or who we reasonably suspect of running any form of claims management company.

The scheme and/or any of its terms and conditions may be amended or withdrawn at any time at the sole discretion of Hudgell Solicitors.  The terms and conditions applicable in any particular case will be those in force when the “New Client” in question has their case “confirmed” as detailed below.

How to claim your reward

Our existing and previous clients need take no further steps once they have made the recommendation and the ’New Client’ has been confirmed quoting the ‘rewards4recommendations’ scheme in the initial call. The whole scheme is managed through our internal claims system.

Once the new client’s claim has been confirmed (see below) it will trigger an automatic prompt for us to organise any reward. In most cases we estimate that this will be occur approximately 6 weeks after the New Client has initially contacted us. We will always arrange to send out any due rewards as soon as we can.

For reasons of confidentiality, we will not be able to discuss any aspect of any New Client’s claim with any person other than the New Client themselves.

Reward values

£200     Standard reward for the first recommendation arising from any individual incident or accident (unless the recommended client has existing Legal Expenses Insurance or is under the age of 18 or cannot handle their own affairs, in which case this amount shall be reduced to £100).

£100     Standard reward for any subsequent recommendation arising from any individual incident or accident until such time as the aggregate of all awards made in respect of recommendations from any individual incident or accident reaches £500, at which point no further awards shall be payable. The entitlement to vouchers in multiple claims will be on a first come, first served basis – dependent on the date of first contact – until such time as the aggregate is reached.

Terms and conditions

  • The person recommended must be a “New Client” to Hudgell Solicitors, meaning that they must have never made any enquiry or instructed us at any time in the past, and have no current claim with us.
  • The New Client must initially contact us themselves through the dedicated Freephone or Mobile (local rates) Numbers advertised on all marketing materials related to this scheme. No reward will be paid where initial contact is made through, by or on behalf of the person who has recommended our services, or any other third party.
  • The New Client must quote ‘rewards4recommendations’ during the initial call to our offices and give the full name of an existing or previous client of Hudgell Solicitors who has recommended them.
  • With the exception of Police claims and Clinical Negligence “sign and assist” matters, any entitlement to a reward under this scheme will only exist once we have agreed to take on the new claim and the New Client has accepted our standard terms of business; signed and returned any necessary documentation to us; and any applicable statutory “cooling off” period has expired. At this point the claim will have been “Confirmed”. In the case of Police claims and Clinical Negligence “sign and assist” matters and in certain other circumstances (at our sole discretion), we reserve the right to only issue the reward(s) upon obtaining an admission of liability from the third party.  Where this applies, we will endeavor to advise the New Client of this at the time of initial instruction.   See the below table for details of the rewards payable.
  • The New Client (or their litigation ‘friend’ where applicable) must be over 18 years of age at the time of initial contact with us.
  • This scheme only applies to new personal injury claims (as an umbrella heading for injury and clinical negligence claims) and to police claims — all of which must have occurred within the last three years (or six years where applicable on police claims) which are dealt with by Hudgell solicitors, in respect of which a deduction from damages of at least 25% plus VAT is agreed, with the exception of claims made under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority scheme(s).

There is no maximum number of potential New Clients that an existing or previous client can recommend to us under this scheme but the total payments made in connection with or resulting from any one incident, accident or series of the same caused by the same third party, shall be capped at £500.

We reserve the right to reject any potentially fraudulent claim at any time prior to our sending out any reward. Where this happens, any entitlement to a related reward will be cancelled with immediate effect (and no reward provided).

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