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Should there be changes to care home regulation?

Neglect in care homes is something that we all worry about; from the point of view of our relatives who may have to live in a care home once they are unable to live independently and also from our own point of view as we get older.

The British population is aging as we all live longer. The provision of proper care is something which needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, whilst many care homes provide good care, there is still a minority where neglect and even abuse take place.

Whilst there have been high profile neglect cases in our media in recent months showing that individual care workers have been punished, there are growing calls for the companies who own care homes to face unlimited fines and criminal sanctions. It is felt that this level of penalisation will ultimately lead to improved standards of care across the board. Whilst the accountability of individual care workers is very important, those companies who benefit from the large fees they take should also be brought to account.

Liberal Democrat MP, Paul Burstow, former care services minister has called for these changes, he says; “it is about time those who take the fees, and employ and manage the staff in care homes are held to account for abuse and neglect that takes place on their watch. “

Government ministers have confirmed that these changes are to be considered, which comes on the back of current care minister, Norman Lamb’s call for “corporate accountability for the quality of care”.

If you are concerned about the care you or a loved one is receiving at a care home please call one of our friendly and experienced team for advice.

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