Airline Accident Claims

Airline accident compensation claims

Travelling by aeroplane is one of the safest form of travel. However, there are rare occasions where accidents may happen to both passengers and crew members.

These accidents can happen either when embarking or disembarking the aircraft, or at times of unexpected incidents during the flight itself. For example:

  • items falling from unsecured overhead lockers
  • unexpected turbulence causing injury
  • the serving and spilling of hot drinks
  • slips, trips or falls within the aircraft

As with holiday compensation claims, it’s important to remember that depending on where you are in the world, laws may differ. Here is some useful information to bear in mind when making an airline compensation claim.

  • if you booked your holiday and flight through a tour operator, you may have additional rights under the 1992 Package Tour Regulations which can impose liability on tour operators for negligence on the part of their overseas suppliers
  • most international plane accidents are governed by the Montreal Convention 1999 under which there is a strict liability system
  • this means a passenger need only prove that an accident actually occurred, and that the Convention applies to that type of accident, to make a successful claim
  • accidents are defined as ‘unusual and unexpected’ and not a result of a passenger’s physical reaction to flying. For example, claims for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or hearing loss would not fall under the Convention
  • the Montreal Convention does not apply to UK domestic flights, but UK law does apply to these and a passenger can still seek compensation, though not on a strict liability basis
  • it is necessary in cases to prove negligence on the part of the airline and/or crew, and whether it could reasonably have been avoided

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