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No win, no fee child injury compensation

No win, no fee

Be represented by a highly-experienced child injury lawyer at no upfront cost to you. Under our No Win, No Fee agreement you only pay a pre-agreed percentage of the compensation awarded if your case is successful.

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Child injury compensation claims

Child injury compensation claims

If your child has been injured in an accident or due to the negligence of others, compensation can be awarded to reflect the pain, suffering and impact on their life.

Child injury compensation can also cover the significant impact on parents and families, who often have to dedicate significant time to supporting a child through treatment, care, recovery, and in some cases, life-long difficulties.

The most common causes of injuries to children are:


Specialists in child injury claims

Specialists in child injury claims

We recognise the difficulties which can fall upon a family when a child suffers an injury and we pride ourselves on taking a considerate and sympathetic approach to offer a full package of support.

A child injury compensation claim can cover:

  • Compensation for the severity of injury and likely prognosis.
  • Damages to cover the cost of immediate and future treatment.
  • Psychological injuries suffered due to emotional trauma.
  • Costs incurred through travelling to hospital or for medical appointments.
  • The cost of aids & equipment or home adaptations.
  • Loss of earnings should you need to take time off, or give up work to care for your child.
  • Any future financial losses that your child will suffer as a result of a life changing injury.

Our specialist child injury compensation solicitors have overseen extensive packages of support where children have experienced life-changing injuries.


Personal support package

Personal support package

We recognise that no amount of compensation can ever turn back the clock in cases involving child injuries.

This is why our personal injury lawyers not only focus on maximum possible damages settlement, but at all times strive to secure access to the best treatment, rehabilitation and ongoing support.

A Personal Support Package is put in place to meet our clients individual needs and our team will:

  • Put rehabilitation at the forefront – from arranging medical assessments and treatment to rehabilitation, physiotherapy and mental health support.
  • Provide immediate practical help – such as speaking to lenders and insurers on your behalf.
  • Pursue early interim payments – to provide support and fund required home adaptations.
  • Signpost to valuable support – by introducing clients to ‘buddies’ – others who have suffered similar injuries and experienced the ‘journey’ to recovery – or charities which can provide vital support.
  • Look after you in the long-term – by providing access to independent investment advice after settlement to ensure support, not just immediate needs, but also for the years ahead.
specialist rehabilitation support

Client stories

Client stories

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How to make a child injury claim

How to make a claim

Make a claim in six easy steps

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We will help you to decide how best to fund your claim. Usually, we will be able to offer you a No win, No fee agreement.

Step 3

Letter Of Claim

We will send a letter to your opponent with details of your claim, setting out why we think they are at fault.

Step 4

Obtain Medical Records & Medical Reports

We will request copies of your medical records and instruct a medical expert to prepare a report about the extent of your injuries.

Step 5

Prepare Claim Valuation

We will put together a schedule of loss setting out the losses you have incurred and the extent of the injuries you have sustained.

Step 6

Negotiate Settlement

We will send all the evidence to your opponent inviting their settlement proposals. If we cannot agree a reasonable settlement, we will prepare court proceedings.

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Our client reviews

Our client reviews

We’re always committed to getting the optimum outcome for you.

We were put in touch with Hudgell Solicitors through the Advocate to represent us on a pro-bono basis. They assigned Iftikhar Manzoor and he has been fantastic- very down to earth and easy to talk to. Any queries are answered quickly, and there seems to be a real understanding of concerns raised regarding the inquest of a close family member. We are so very grateful of the support they have given us so far, and extremely confident in their ability to achieve the result we hope for.
5 Stars
Imogen Greenaway
I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Hudgell Solicitors. Iftikhar Manzoors exceptional handling of our daughter's inquest showcased unwavering kindness, respect, and diligence. They provided invaluable emotional support throughout the process and, with dedication, secured the conclusion necessary for justice. Choosing Hudgell Solicitor is a decision you can trust for compassionate and effective legal representation”
5 Stars
Carole Butler
Been speaking with a lovely lady called Karolina Jedrych, she has helped me with my first Steps , making sure I’m well informed and understanding what’s happing along the way. Made me feel at ease and confident that I have chosen this team to help me . Thank you very much
5 Stars
The lady who is assisting me with my case is very helpful and understanding her name is karolina I would recommend this company without hesitation many thanks
5 Stars
Michael Parker
Chris Trousdale was the one of the youngest miscarriages of justice victims as a result of the Post Office Horizon scandal.
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Can I claim for my child being injured at school?

This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions by parents, as there are thousands of injuries at schools each year which result in children needing hospital treatment.

The large majority of such cases are unavoidable for the schools, such as slips and trips in the hustle and bustle of the playground.

However, should injuries be caused as a result of unsafe equipment, poor upkeep of grounds leaving them in an unsafe condition, or unsafe or unsupervised school activities: claims for damages can potentially be made.

Our legal team at Hudgell Solicitors secured damages for a school pupil who suffered burns to his face during a chemistry lesson.

As part of the claim it was alleged the school had breached its duty of care in exposing the pupil to risk of injury by failing to ensure safe and adequate equipment was used for the experiment.

It was also alleged the school failed to ensure proper supervision or control, and failed to treat the pupil in an appropriate manner after the accident by not sending him to A&E.

How do I make a claim for child injury compensation?

Anyone under the age of 18 is deemed to be a minor for legal proceedings so an adult, usually a parent, family member or a guardian, needs to make a claim on the child’s behalf.

This person is known as a ‘Litigation Friend’ – someone who acts in the best interests of the child through the legal process.

In England and Wales, child injury compensation claims cannot be settled without the approval of a Judge. Our personal injury solicitors will offer support and guide you through the claims process.

The Court approval process is generally straightforward and concludes with an Infant Approval Hearing. Such hearings often take place remotely or in a Judge’s chamber at a local County Court, although any settlement over £100,000 requires Court of Protection involvement if the infant is also a Protected Beneficiary.

What is an Infant Approval Hearing?

An Infant Approval Hearing takes place before a Judge, who reviews the evidence of a case and the settlement to ensure it is fair. If you are acting as a litigation friend, it is likely that you will have to attend a hearing of this type.

How does a judge decide on injury compensation awards for children?

The Judge will review the papers and conclude whether the settlement proposed is in the child’s best interest. If the Judge considers the settlement is below a reasonable range, then they will not approve the proposal.

Court approval inevitably means compensation claims for children can take longer. It does however ensure that a child is protected and achieves the optimal amount of compensation for their injury.

When will my child receive their compensation?

Should there be an immediate need for funds, such essential rehabilitation treatment, accommodation, equipment and care, interim payments can often be agreed between parties and approved.

These payments can be made prior to the child turning 18, provided the Court is satisfied it is for the child’s use.

In some cases our legal team have secured a number of interim payments in child injury cases, over a number of years, providing the money to pay for physical and psychological treatments, and to fund essential equipment or adaptations to accommodation.

If interim payments are not required, compensation is paid into the Court Funds Office until the child reaches 18 years of age. The money will be invested and accrue interest until the child reaches 18.

Sometimes the Court may be prepared for the compensation to be paid into an alternative investment, set up by the Litigation Friend, for the child to access when they reach 18.

This tends to only be considered in more modest claims and ultimately this decision rests with the Court. Once a child reaches 18 any funds invested will be released to them.

Can the money be paid into a Personal Injury Trust?

Yes. We can help our clients set up a personal injury trust on behalf of a child. Benefits of doing this include the child’s compensation not impacting on any means tested benefits that they receive when they turn 18. Money placed in a trust can only be accessed by appointed trustees, such as a parent and a solicitor. In order to get money out of the personal injury trust, all trustees must agree to its release

How long do I have to make a child injury claim?

Child personal injury claims can be made for them anytime up to their 18th birthday when they legally become an adult. If no claim has been made by that point, they then have a further three years – to their 21st birthday – to make the claim themselves.

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