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No win, no fee accident at work compensation claims

No win, no fee

Be represented by a highly-experienced accident at work lawyer at no upfront cost to you. Under our No Win No Fee agreement you only pay a pre-agreed percentage of the compensation awarded if your case is successful.

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What is an accident at work?

What is an accident at work?

An accident or injury in the workplace could be anything where you’ve suffered physically.

You may have fallen or slipped, suffered an injury from falling debris on a work site, or sustained a back injury that could have been avoided.

Common claim types are:

  • Falls and slips at work.
  • Manual handling claims.
  • Inadequate training.
  • Protective equipment claims.
  • Burns.
  • Building & construction accidents.
  • Farming accidents.
  • Asbestos & mesothelioma compensation claims.

Claiming compensation for a work-related injury can help you get your life back on track by reimbursing you for lost earnings and expenses due to your injury as well as compensating you for your pain and suffering.


Accident at work specialists

Accident at work specialists

We take all accidents at work seriously, working hard to secure compensation for you and your family.

For many people, making a claim can be a daunting process, so we’re here to help by offering professional advice and support throughout.

  • Our specialist personal injury solicitors can help you claim the best possible compensation.
  • Our solicitors are dedicated to helping with your recovery and gaining access to any rehabilitation or specialist treatment you may need.
  • The vast majority of our cases are settled successfully for clients without the need to go to court.
  • We are committed to supporting clients on ‘hard to win’ cases many other firm refuse to take on.
Hudgell Solicitors Personal Injury Lawyers

Making an accident at work claim

Making an accident at work claim

Our experts work to ensure clients receive not only the best possible legal support, but also rehabilitation care and financial settlements.

Claims for injuries or illnesses sustained at work can be complex and need to be led by expert lawyers, such as our team at Hudgell Solicitors.

If you want to pursue an accident at work compensation claim, then you can arrange a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your accident, or you can use our online compensation claims form.

From there, one of our personal injury lawyers will assess the circumstances of your accident and advise as to whether we can help you claim compensation.


Why claim compensation?

Why claim compensation?

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident at work compensation can help cover the cost of ongoing care and loss of earnings.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers can secure maximum compensation for those injured, as we did for Malcolm Smart.

For a free consultation about your claim, get in touch today.

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How to make an accident at work claim

How to make a claim

Make a claim in six easy steps

Step 1

Free Initial Advice

Call us, request a callback or complete our online claim form and we will assess whether we think you have a claim.

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Step 2


We will help you to decide how best to fund your claim. Usually, we will be able to offer you a No win, No fee agreement.

Step 3

Letter Of Claim

We will send a letter to your opponent with details of your claim, setting out why we think they are at fault.

Step 4

Obtain Medical Records & Medical Reports

We will request copies of your medical records and instruct a medical expert to prepare a report about the extent of your injuries.

Step 5

Prepare Claim Valuation

We will put together a schedule of loss setting out the losses you have incurred and the extent of the injuries you have sustained.

Step 6

Negotiate Settlement

We will send all the evidence to your opponent inviting their settlement proposals. If we cannot agree a reasonable settlement, we will prepare court proceedings.

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Client Stories

Client stories

Ensuring you get the personal injury compensation you deserve

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Our client reviews

Client reviews

We’re always committed to getting the optimum outcome for you.

Fantastic service. Rang based on an enquiry for advice relating to an on-going legal situation and received excellent clear advice and would definitely recommend this firm.
5 Stars
Since Elizabeth Maliakal took over my case for medical negligence. I am pleased to say her service was outstanding. Her communication was excellent. She was always up to date and made sure to keep in touch with me regularly. Elizabeth made sure I understood what was happening and always answered my questions in depth. Coming from a foreign background, I struggle to articulate my thoughts and feelings because of the language barrier, but Elizabeth worked her way around this. I am grateful for all her hard work. Thank you to Elizabeth Maliakal and Hudgell Solicitors.
5 Stars
Darrel Fuentebaja
Thank you to Hudgell Solicitors particularly Sarah Moore who was assigned to my case. I was kept well informed throughout the whole process via email and phone, and always received a prompt reply to any questions that I had. It took a long time for my case to come to close for various reasons but never during this time did I feel rushed or pressured into making a decision. Sarah was very empathetic and supported me throughout with her excellent level of knowledge and professionalism. Thank you again.
5 Stars
My solicitor susan has dealt with my claim quickly and professionally, im very happy with the service i have received, simon burrows
5 Stars
Kerry Blanchard
Chris Trousdale was the one of the youngest miscarriages of justice victims as a result of the Post Office Horizon scandal.
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What type of accidents at work can I claim for?

Your employer has a legal obligation to make sure your workplace is safe, which means that everything from the equipment you use to the training you receive must be up-to-date and in line with health and safety standards.

If these standards are not met and it results in an accident or injury at work, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Examples are:

  • Building site injuries: Falls from high scaffolding or platforms, serious cuts and/or bruises, being hit by vehicles on site, faulty tools or equipment causing injury, fractured bones, and chemical burns.
  • Slips, trips, or falls: Due to absent or loose handrails, loose floor coverings, wet floors, a lack of warning signs, inadequate lighting or obstructions left in walkways.
  • Farm accidents: Involving animals or machinery, exposure to hazardous substances or accidents involving slurry pits, stores, or silos.
  • Inadequate training: Your employer has a legal responsibility to ensure you are protected in your role which means you must receive full and correct training to prevent avoidable accidents and injuries, for example when using machinery or working at heights.
  • Manual handling: A lack of training or a failure to carry out risk assessments can lead to back, leg, arm and muscular injuries.
  • Protective equipment claims: You must be given the right protective equipment (PPE) to protect you from injury when working in both hazardous and conventional working conditions. For example, a hard hat if there is a danger of falling objects, goggles to prevent eye damage and correct gloves to prevent hand burns.
  • Severe burns claims: Burns and scalds can happen in the workplace and can harm your skin, muscles, and take an emotional toll.

Do I qualify for an injury at work claim?

Generally speaking, you qualify for a claim if you are confident the accident at work was your employer’s fault.

This might be due to safety standards, inadequate training, or having the right equipment. If you think your employer failed in their responsibilities and this led to your injury at work, this can constitute grounds for a claim.

Even if the workplace accident was partially your fault, you may still be able to claim.

Although your actions may have contributed to the situation, if the primary fault lies with another party whose actions were the root cause of the accident then you will likely still qualify for an accident at work claim.

How will Hudgell Solicitors help me through my injury at work case?

We can guide you through the whole process of making a claim.

The process starts with gathering evidence of the workplace accident. We will need to know:

  • Where and when the accident at work occurred.
  • If there were any witnesses.
  • What injuries you sustained.
  • If you require ongoing treatment or rehabilitation.

To help build this evidence, things like documents, site pictures, workplace accident books, and photos of your injury can all be valuable. Our expert accident at work lawyers will also work with you to:

  • Arrange medical treatment if you haven’t already received it.
  • Assess your loss of earnings through having to be off work.

An injury at work claim usually only goes to court if a case is particularly complex. Most accident at work cases don’t need to go to court, but we will be with you throughout the process if it becomes necessary.

Can I be sacked if I've had an accident at work?

Employees have employment protection rights once they have completed two years continuous service.

If your employment is for a shorter period than this and you have any concerns about making a claim talk to us and get our advice.

You have an overall time limit of three years from the date of an accident at work in which to formally issue court proceedings, so talk to us as soon as possible.

What is the average accident at work compensation amount?

Every claim comprises a unique set of factors that will govern how much compensation could be awarded. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • The severity of your injuries and any long-term effects.
  • How long you’ll be off work to recover and any loss of earnings.
  • Money spent because of your injury on travel, medication, or childcare.
  • The time involved in your family or loved ones having to provide care or assistance for you.

We aim to ensure that we recover the maximum compensation that you are entitled to.

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