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Vince Shore

Joint Head of Clinical Negligence, Hull

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Vince is joint head of the clinical negligence practice and has been supporting people with medical negligence claims since 1998.

He has worked at Hudgell Solicitors since 2011 as team manager and has a focus on hospital negligence, surgical errors, medical negligence, dental negligence and successfully handles many sensitive and complex high-value claims.

Vince is regularly called upon by clients who find themselves in challenging circumstances and who seek high value damages and dedicated rehabilitation programmes which will improve their daily lives after suffering often life-changing injuries and disabilities as a result of medical error. He has been involved in cases involving lower limb amputations and spinal injuries, leading to multi-million pound settlements

My View

For me, we play a dual role in ensuring people are quite rightly compensated for injuries and suffering caused by medical negligence, but also in holding health bodies to account and driving up standards by ensuring lessons are learned.

For me every good result obtained for a client is a highlight and one which is very satisfying. I am very much aware that people turn to us for expertise and legal knowledge, but also want somebody who can identify with what they are going through and sympathise and understand. I have a caring and friendly disposition and I know that is often as important as the legal advice and support we provide.
I have always found the clients appreciate being fully involved in the process, often coming to us as they have tried to find answers directly from health bodies without success.

Significant Cases

I secured £650,000 damages for a client who suffered irreversible spinal injuries following the failure of a Hospital Trust to appropriately investigate his worsening back pain. When finally x-rayed and sent for an MRI scan a misunderstanding at the hospital resulted in him being discharged home without the MRI being checked. As a result his condition deteriorated further to the extent that he lost bowel and bladder control and when his GP made urgent arrangements for another MRI scan to be performed as an outpatient it revealed a large central disc bulge and my client was diagnosed as having cauda equine syndrome and underwent emergency surgery. Sadly this did not restore his bowel and bladder function, nor foot drop that had also developed.

Securing settlements which are truly reflective of the injuries suffered is a key part of our role and I am proud of this success I have in this regard due to being tactically astute and attentive to detail in all claims.

In one case I secured a £300,000 damages settlement for a client who’d had an initial offer of £30,000 damages to settle his case. This was after he developed a serious skin infection after an elective below knee amputation to address long standing foot and ankle pain, causing him to then needa high above knee amputation. The use of prophylactic antibiotics after the original surgery would have prevented the infection developing. The infection was also not treated quickly enough. This was of course a hugely distressing and life-affecting error.

In another case, which was denied by the hospital trust, I secured damages of £87,500 after an initial offer of just £20,000 was made. The case involved our client not being assessed properly when experiencing swelling of the salivary glands and delayed diagnosis, leading to it reoccurring after removal of the gland. This could have been avoided, and due to radiotherapy being administered to her neck she was left at risk of developing problems to her neck bones. This was why I sought, and secured, a much higher final settlement than that first offered.

Career, qualifications and memberships

  • PGDip Legal Practice, Solicitor
  • BA (Hons) Law & Business

"Vince Shore was very professional and explained things when I didn’t understand. I would definitely recommend Hudgell Solicitors to anyone."

Chris Keogh, Client

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