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One of my strengths is my ability to listen and empathise with clients, building a relationship of trust. This is crucial when dealing with cases relating to terrible sexual abuse, severe injuries and clients who have been left mentally distressed.

I love my job, and knowing that I have helped someone receive compensation for their suffering is highly rewarding.

Get to Know Tracy

Tracy has worked in the Criminal Injuries compensation team since August 2016 where she assists clients in pursuing claims for victims of violent crimes through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Her specialist area is helping victims of serious sexual offences, domestic abuse and sexual abuse as well as traumatic brain injuries.

Tracy says she is motivated by being able to obtain compensation for her clients, especially those who have been left with complex and serious injuries after suffering a crime of violence through no fault of their own.

Career Highlights

I have dealt with many different cases, but those which stay with me include a client who suffered a traumatic brain injury, for whom I secured a damages settlement of more than £400,000. This was a highly complex claim and incorporated his injuries, loss of earnings and future care needs.

Another claim involved a client who was sexually abuse at a boarding school in the 1980s. I was able to secure my client just over £130,000 for his suffering. Again this award was mainly due to loss of earnings, as such was the impact of his mental trauma, he was unable to undertake any kind of paid employment.

Other cases which have stood out to me are claims which were previously rejected or not submitted at all due to the cruel ‘same roof rule’ which for many years prevented people seeking compensation if they had been abused by people they lived with.

This law was finally scrapped and it was a privilege to be able to help my clients get the compensation they had so long deserved; it also gave them the comfort that they had been listened to and finally believed.

Giving More

At Hudgell Solicitors we’re encouraged to give back to our local communities and I support Hull Women’s Aid and Purple House. I’ve also participated in a ‘sleep out’ for the homeless charity, Simon on the Streets

My advice and articles

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Criminal Injury

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Hudgell Solicitors’ has secured an extra £59,000 damages for a woman who was sexually abused by her father. She had initially been awarded £16,500 when aged 18 by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), which awards damages to innocent victims of violent crime. Following legal representation, her case was reopened on medical grounds as an […]

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