Tracy Stansfield

Team Leader & Senior Associate Solicitor


Holidays are meant to be enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons but sometimes, things go wrong and accidents happen. I help those who have been injured through no fault of their own. I cannot turn back the clock, but I can make the process of bringing a claim and obtaining compensation as stress-free as possible.

Get to Know Tracy

Tracy joined Hudgell Solicitors in 2019 and is a solicitor in our travel law department, representing people who suffer injuries when abroad. She has more than 20 years’ experience of dealing with personal injury claims.

She represents clients who have been involved in a wide variety of accidents whilst abroad or travelling abroad, navigating foreign legal systems to ensure that they receive maximum compensation.

In addition to her travel work, Tracy has also been part of our team helping those affected by the Post Office Horizon Scandal, seeking redress through various schemes to ensure former sub-postmasters are fully compensated for what they went through.

Tracy’s caseload is comprised of many complex cases, but those which are more straight-forward are of equal important to her and her clients. Tracy aims to ensure every client, no matter what the value of their claim is, receives the compensation they deserve.

Career Highlights

I secured a six-figure damages settlement for a client who has suffered long-term health issues after another passenger’s hand luggage fell onto her head as she slept in her seat during a flight. She developed fibromyalgia and it was a difficult case to prove in terms of explaining her symptoms or the cause of them. My client had travelled all over Europe looking for answers. I arranged for her to be seen by a well-recognised rheumatologist who diagnosed the fibromyalgia.

This brought peace of mind and the settlement ensured she no longer had to worry about being unable to work full-time in the future.

With regards to the Horizon Scandal, my clients were part of an Early Neutral Evaluation process in which the issue of compensation for non-pecuniary compensation for loss of liberty, damage to mental health or reputation within the community were assessed independently by Lord Dyson. This gave me enormous satisfaction.

My clients had suffered for many years, both mentally and financially, and obtaining closure on one aspect of their claim has meant that they are able to look to the future with renewed optimism.

Giving More

I’m a keen runner and often volunteer at the local Saturday morning Parkrun. I completed the ‘Goggins Challenge’ which involved running four miles, every four hours for 48 hours, to raise funds for charity.

I also fundraise for dementia charities which are close to my heart as part of Hudgells commitment to local communities, I have also become involved with BASIC, a Brain and Spinal Injury Centre in Salford.

My advice and articles

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