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Terry Wilcox

Associate, Civil Liberties

Inquests Civil Liberties Public Inquiries


Terry has almost 40 years’ experience as a solicitor and has represented many families at inquests. He represented the Hillsborough families at second inquest and was named on the Attorney General’s application to quash the original verdict.

Terry has been a partner at previous firms where he has worked in personal injury and industrial disease departments. Terry first started working in law in 1981, qualifying as a legal executive in 1986 and a solicitor in 1997.

My View

Our role provides an opportunity to make a difference. I recently received instructions from a client on the evening before an inquest into his son’s death. He had received no legal help or support and didn’t know what the process involved. The other interested party involved in the inquest attempted to railroad the process without proper investigation. The outcome, after much deliberation, was that the other party could and should have done more. The resulting civil claim resulted in offers in settlement in excess of £250,000. The family were not even aware that they may have a claim.

Significant Cases

Terry is currently representing families of two people killed in the Manchester Arena Bombing at the ongoing Public Inquiry whereby they seek the truth about the bombing which claimed 22 lives in May 2017.

Representing a family in the Hillsborough Inquest and being named on the Attorney General’s application to set aside the original inquest verdict. The Inquest was the longest in English legal history. Following the hearing the family teams jointly received the award for Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year.

His first Public Inquiry was in 1998 when he was instructed by staff at the Ashworth Hospital. Lord Fallon was requested to investigate the question of the hospital being run by patients in a personality disorder unit rather than staff.

Terry also instructed leading counsel to appear in the House of Lords in the case of Knowles v Liverpool City Council.

He is often requested to assist colleagues from other departments dealing with fatal claims from an Inquest perspective. In a recent case involving the death of a Manchester based man who was chased through the City Centre of Manchester and put into a choke hold similar to the George Floyd case resulting in the death of our client.

He also recently completed an Inquest into the death of a  wedding guest at a hotel in Liverpool. The hotel had been converted using current planning laws which did not require the hotel to be brought up to current standards. Unfortunately the guest fell over a bannister rail which was too low and caused our client to fall to his death.

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