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Tasmin White

Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

Medical Negligence Hospital Negligence Dental Negligence GP Errors Birth Injury Orthopaedic Injury Brain Injury Surgical Errors Spinal Injury


Tasmin qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and is a specialist in handling serious medical negligence cases.

She has a strong commitment to Hudgell Solicitors’ client care ethos, reflected in her handling many highly sensitive cases, including those relating to fatalities involving babies and young children.

Tasmin is sought out by clients for her specialisms in GP errors, including the failure to refer patients to specialists, delayed or misdiagnosis of serious conditions such as cancer, failure to diagnose or mismanagement of fractures, neglect in nursing homes and avoidable periodontal disease.

Her caseload often includes a number of cases valued at six and seven figure damages

My View

Any case of injury as a result of medical negligence is distressing and emotional, but given many of my cases relate to failure to spot serious conditions and delayed diagnosis, I support many families through tragic times. I feel it is impossible to become anything other than personally attached to the people we support in such circumstances and I really believe that one of my major strengths is my personal touch.

I take special care to get to know each client as well as I can, as this helps me support them through the toughest of times. They often want answers and changes to prevent other families suffering the same loss, and that is something I am always determined to deliver.

Significant cases

I successfully represented the parents of a one-year-old boy who died of sepsis after being left unmonitored for six hours as his condition worsened, with antibiotics not given quickly enough and the Hospital Trust involved admitting he was not observed for six hours despite red flag warning symptoms in his condition, and that earlier treatment with antibiotics would have likely saved his life.
Although legal action would never bring their child back, the family did share what happened in the media and raised awareness for other parents over the need for antibiotics at speed when sepsis is a concern.

I am really passionate about challenging care in cases in which the most basic medical errors result in avoidable injury or death. This was highlighted in a case in which I represented the family of a grandmother who choked to death on hospital food because staff had failed to note she was not wearing false teeth and therefore needed to serve her softer food or soups. For such a basic error in care to cost a family their loved one is quite simply appalling and the family I represented were quite rightly determined to ensure the Trust were publicly held to account.

Career, qualifications and memberships

  • LLB (Hons) Exempting Degree

Client Testimonial

Tasmin is lovely and has been brilliant for us. She talked me through everything and listened to me.

~ Client Review

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