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Sarah Patten

Solicitor, Personal Injury


Sarah qualified as a Solicitor in 2007 and has worked in the legal sector for 17 years.

During her career Sarah has consistently acted for Claimant’s and has secured tens of millions of pounds in damages.

She is experienced across the personal injury spectrum having acted in a broad range of matters to include RTC and motorcycle accidents as well as employers liability, public liability, assault and foreign accident cases. She is experienced in industrial disease cases to include NIHL and WRULD and asbestos cases; asbestosis, pleural thickening and both living and deceased mesothelioma cases.

Prior to joining Hudgell Solicitors, Sarah was employed in the Catastrophic Injury Department of Minster Law as an Associate Solicitor where she ran a team of Solicitors, Legal Executives and Paralegals and specialised in handling complex matters and high value cases to include traumatic brain injury, serious orthopaedic injury and fatalities. With injuries arising from motorcycle incidents, RTC’s and workplace accidents.

Sarah commenced her legal career in 2004 at Corries Solicitors in York where she gained experience of RTC cases and then undertook a training contract primarily within the Industrial Disease department. On qualification she ran a case load of asbestos related matters.

Sarah then relocated and worked for a number of well-established City of London Law firms where she has historically has represented large numbers of trade union client’s. She built extensive experience of dealing with workplace accidents whilst at Thompsons Solicitors. Later providing training on Health and Safety matters to union officials and shop stewards.

Sarah then continued to undertake work across the personal injury spectrum but concentrated her practice back to Industrial Disease and worked in the Chancery Lane office of Fentons Solicitors and then Russell Jones and Walker (both now part of Slater & Gordon).

Sarah has experience in running scheme cases and consolidated actions. She is an exceptional litigator and when required has challenged cases through the Court process.

She has been a keen advocate and on numerous occasions has attended various civil courts around the Country to include the High Court of the Royal Courts of Justice on a number of past matters. She has represented on interlocutory applications and at pre-trial review hearings as well as past representation at Inquests.

Sarah is familiar with the High Court fast track mesothelioma process having secured early interim payments for mesothelioma clients by way of Court Order.

In 2010 Sarah assisted her then firm in attending the Court of Appeal on Employers’ Liability Insurance “Trigger” Litigation: BAI (Run Off) Limited (In Scheme of Arrangement) and others v Durham and others [2012] UKSC 14. On appeal from [2010] EWCA Civ 1096.

Sarah is driven by a strong sense of justice and ensuring that Claimant’s have access to the representation that they deserve. She is driven by wanting to right the wrong in so far as it is possible and to get the absolute best results for her client’s.

Time and time again we see the media criticising a compensation culture when the reality is that we are dealing with people who have been injured through no fault of their own, they are often vulnerable and have to learn to live with the life changing affects of those injuries. The impact on that individuals life can be catastrophic and often has a ripple affect on family members and loved ones. No two people are the same and every case needs to be considered on an individual basis. The aim of the process is not just to get the best possible monetary settlement but to get that person into the best place that they can be in terms of treatment and aids and equipment.

Sarah’s approach is to place a strong emphasis on early rehabilitation, and support. To engage effective case management and think outside the box in terms of getting what is best for that particular individual.

A recent case of Sarah’s concerned an individual who had suffered with a severe brachial plexus injury, the upshot was that he was left with a flail arm of little use. Sarah secured early case management of ensure that the Claimant was supported and then through interim payments the Claimant was able to purchase a specialist exoskeletal brace, known as the Myopro. This is not a device that is available on the NHS and is only available privately as it is manufactured in the USA. For this individual it was a life changing device and gave back some function to an otherwise useless arm.

Another case concerned an individual who suffered a crush injury to his leg and went on to develop a chronic and debilitating pain condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Through careful negotiation with the Defendant Sarah was able to have the other sides Insurer fund a specialist surgery which consisted of a spinal cord stimulator in a bid to lessen the pain and return some useful function back to his leg. The surgery was funded on a 100% basis meaning that the Claimant did not have to pay for any of this treatment, despite the overall responsibility for the accident being determined on a split basis.

Awards, accreditations and memberships:

Since 2013 Sarah has been a keen supporter of her local Headway Branch and has held the position of Branch Secretary to York Headway continually since April 2014 as a voluntary position.

Sarah has been a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) for some years and holds Senior Litigator accreditation.
She has attended a number of the APIL AGM’s as well as other training sessions offered through APIL.

Sarah is invested in supporting colleagues with ongoing professional development and has organised external training as well as provided internal training sessions.

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