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I appreciate the faith my clients put in me, in what can be difficult times.

Over the years, I have seen the difference bringing a claim can make. Whether it is compensation or access to further treatment and support, it is so rewarding to have a direct impact on my clients and their families’ quality of life.

Get to Know Sam

Sam qualified in 1995 and has worked in the specialist area of medical negligence law for more than 25 years. She has experience in dealing with claims covering a broad range of clinical issues such as claims against hospitals, GPs and other health care providers such as opticians.

During her legal career career Sam has progressed to handling some compensation cases worth over £1 million.

She has a particular interest in claims for wrongful birth, whether the child be born with or without disabilities. Such cases need to be dealt with in a sensitive manner and Sam’s experience and compassion can help mothers and parents deal with what can be extremely complex claims.

Career Highlights

The cases that stay with me are those where I know that I have made a real difference to my client’s day to day life, even though these may not always the highest value ones.

I obtained funding for private counselling sessions for a patient who had undergone negligent plastic surgery; speaking to her after those sessions to hear that she now felt better placed to deal with everything was a wonderful moment.

Likewise, securing compensation for a client who had lost all useful vision but could now purchase the visual aids and support that she needed to restore some quality of life, was such a positive point in my career.

Cases involving children clearly fall into this category. Any changes that I can help to bring about in relation to the support that they can access for their current and future needs has to be the best reward for a solicitor.

Giving More

I volunteer each month for a national heritage charity.


My advice and articles

hudgell solicitors medical negligence solicitor samantha darwin

Wrongful Births

The term wrongful birth is used when babies are born with injuries or disabilities which medical professionals should have detected during pregnancy. A failure to inform mothers/parents denies them the opportunity to take a very difficult decision as to whether to continue with the pregnancy. Listen to Samantha Darwin, a senior medical negligence solicitor, explain […]

hudgell solicitors medical negligence solicitor samantha darwin

NHS Investigation Reports

What is an NHS Investigation Report and what can you expect from one? These reports are produced by NHS Trusts following an investigation into a serious incident which occurred during a patient’s medical care. They can highlight lapses in treatment and organisational systems, such as appointments not being sent out. Reports should also identify steps […]

hudgell solicitors medical negligence solicitor samantha darwin

How to Make a Medical Complaint

If you’re not happy with the medical treatment you or a member of your family has received, you are legally entitled to have your concerns investigated. You should also receive a full response from the healthcare provider. Listen to Samantha Darwin, a senior medical negligence solicitor at Hudgells, explain how to make a formal complaint […]

pregnant woman on utltrasonographic examination at hospital concept ectopic pregnance medical negligence claim

Ectopic pregnancies: The early diagnosis and medical treatment you should receive

Ectopic pregnancy is a common, occasionally life-threatening condition that affects around 1 in 80 pregnancies in the UK, according to the charity The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust. Each year nearly 12,000 women in Britain have ectopic pregnancies diagnosed. However, the true figure, including those ectopic pregnancies that are undiagnosed could amount to more than 30,000. As […]

5 min read time
Baby in hospital

Were doctors negligent by not telling us our baby would be born with a disability?

In our work supporting parents whose babies are born with disabilities, the majority of legal cases centre on whether negligent maternity care and treatment during labour and birth caused the injury to be suffered. In these circumstances, compensation (often multi-million pound settlements) is sought for the child to enable their parents and families to secure […]

5 min read time

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