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Litigation Executive



For some, coming to us for help takes a great deal of courage. This shapes my approach to supporting vulnerable clients who have suffered horrendous abuse and violence.

I’ll strive for justice for everyone I represent, which sometimes means supporting my clients to ask for their initial criminal injury compensation awards to be reviewed, especially when there is evidence to support the case for an increased award.

Get to Know Rebecca

Rebecca has worked for Hudgell Solicitors since 2012 and concentrates solely on representing people in making damages claims to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Rebecca has helped many people secure higher damages than initially awarded to them by the CICA through the appeals process.

As a criminal injury litigation executive Rebecca is a leading member of our CICA team and specialises in helping people to claim the compensation they deserve following violent and sexual assaults, and domestic  abuse.

Previously, Rebecca successfully represented clients in personal injury cases, who had suffered injuries as a result of road traffic accidents, accidents at work and in public places due to unsafe surroundings, environments, or surfaces.

Career Highlights

One of my most important cases was helping a women secure compensation who alleged she had been raped and abused by her ex-partner. The case for damages was successful, despite a jury finding him not guilty.

In another case my client, who had suffered abuse as a child, had previously received an award of £1,000 from the CICA. We made a request to medically re-open the case and obtained an increased award of £77,000.

In another case where my legal expertise helped secure a client a higher damages award from the CICA was a man who was sexually assaulted whilst being brought up in children’s home. I secured damages of £55,860 via an appeal, when his original award had been just £3,300.

I also settled a case for a man who was stabbed on a bus when he was a teenager, leaving him with severe mental health issues. The original award made by the CICA was £900, as they said there was not enough evidence to support his mental injury.

An appeal application was made with a request for an independent medical report to be obtained. This confirmed that he had been left with a permanently disabling severe mental injury and would mean that he would have little or no capacity for work. As a result of this an award of £165,655 was obtained.

Giving More

As Hudgells supports its staff to volunteer during work time and I help out at the charity Purple House, which supports women in Hull.

My advice and articles

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Victim of sexual abuse at Nottingham children’s home feels her suffering has finally been recognised as Government awards £22,000 compensation three decades on.

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