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Nick Stojanovic

Senior Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

Medical Negligence Dental Negligence Serious Injuries Healthcare Negligence Life Changing Injuries


Nick predominantly deals with negligence cases against medical and dental healthcare providers and has experience in handling cases of serious and life-changing injures.

He has covered a broad spectrum of cases over the years from minor muscular injuries and delayed diagnosis to lesser known conditions such as chronic pain.

He has key experience in dealing with cases from both a claimant and defendant perspective, having worked for both “sides”, experience which helps him provide the best advice with a realistic outcome.

My View

Having worked in this industry for over 20 years – and as a solicitor since 2003, my enthusiasm for seeking justice for those who have who have been wronged has never waned and I remain as focused as I was back in 1999 to get the right result for my clients. I have a down to earth and approachable manner which helps put my clients at ease from the off.  I appreciate and know it is often not easy to come in and speak about personal issues and how a life has been affected.

I am always aware that as solicitors we can’t “fix” a person when physical harm is caused, but we can make a life better and easier through the legal process and it is this which keeps me motivated. The job is made hard in that no medical professional wants to admit their care was negligent or fell short. I am driven to prove such wrongdoing, as I know it is only by doing so that we can help individuals and families secure the compensation they need. This can help them recover lost income or cover the cost of the care required for somebody left with disabilities as a result of negligence. We play such a crucial role in ensuring justice.

Significant Cases

I have successfully represented a number of clients in cases where the impact and seriousness of their injuries have been strongly denied and damages of hundreds of thousands have been secured for clients when original offers were very low and only a few thousand at most.

These cases have included acting for a number clients who have suffered from Chronic Pain and one client with Post Traumatic Reynaud’s Syndrome, whose symptoms were simply not believed by the defendants involved.

Such negative reactions are often due to the symptoms suffered not matching the original injury sustained, which can make progressing cases difficult and our cases are scrutinised by defendant experts and generally challenged on every item claimed.

These cases can be long-running, but need to be to ensure clients secure the best possible settlement which truly reflect their injuries and the impact on their lives.

I am very proud of the fact my clients stand by my advice when defendants have offered low value settlements to try and dispose of it quickly. By doing so I have achieved the right level of compensation they deserved.

Career, qualifications and memberships

  • Solicitor and member of the Law Society
  • Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) – Senior Litigator Accredited

"Nick was understanding, listened to and dealt with any issues that arose, a credit to Hudgell Solicitors."


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