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Mobeena Salim

Solicitor, Personal Injury

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I have worked in the field of personal injury for approximately 14 years and started as a paralegal for Thompsons Solicitors.
Within a year I began working on small claims matters and lower cases. I then began to take more complex cases as my experience grew. I qualified as solicitor in 2012 and then joined Hudgell Solicitors in January 2013.
I now represent people in all forms of personal injury and RTA cases. I work in the acquisitions team, which sees us take on cases which have been acquired from other law firms which are no longer doing this type of work. This is an important role as we have to work hard to ensure a smooth transition for clients as we take their cases forward.

My View

I like working alongside clients and guiding them though what is for them can be a daunting process. I am motivated by getting them the justice they deserve and a compensation settlement which reflects their suffering and loss.

I provide extra support to our clients by working alongside rehabilitation companies and by getting them professional benefits advice so they can sustain their families when seriously injured and have no or little income.

We are here on the telephone or we will travel out to see clients if they need that contact and it is my view that we must make the process as easy as possible for those we help.

Significant Cases

I secured a damages settlement in excess of £20,000 for a man just seven months after he was injured by a hit and run driver. The client was very pleased with the settlement, especially given that an initial offer had been made of £15,000 which we rejected. My client was pleased to see the matter resolved to his satisfaction quickly.

In a case taken over from another firm I secured £21,000 damages for a woman who was hit by a motorbike after she stepped out into the road from behind a double decker bus. She suffered a fracture to her hip which required an operation to be pinned and plated and was left with a scar and some residual pain. There were difficulties in the case when we took it over and of course there was also the matter of her being partly to blame. We negotiated a settlement on 50:50 on liability.


"Mobeena was with me from start to finish, she was very thorough and explained every part of my case. Excellent service and can’t thank her and Hudgell Solicitors enough."


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