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Jane Woodcock

Head of Personal Injury

Personal Injury Accidents at Work Complex High Value Claims Catastrophic Accidents Life Changing Injuries


Jane Woodcock is Head of Personal Injury at Hudgell Solicitors.

She has been with the firm for over 20 years and has more than 35 years’ experience of personal injury work. She has represented hundreds of clients successfully.

Jane is renowned in the market as a highly-experienced personal injury practitioner.

She has extensive expertise in handling complex, high-value claims relating to catastrophic and life-changing injuries and fatalities, with many cases centering around accidents which happen in the workplace.

Many of Jane’s cases involve amputated limbs, reconstructed limbs and claims involving extensive periods of rehabilitation resulting in very significant levels of compensation, but she also deals with lower value claims which involve difficult aspects of law and uses her overall experience to supervise and guide her team of experienced and skilled personal injury lawyers.

My View

I am truly passionate about using my expertise and experience to ensure people who are seriously injured in accidents, through the fault of others, are not only compensated, but fully supported to help them make the best possible recovery. I am prepared and willing to go the extra mile for my clients, using my legal and procedural knowledge to its maximum to take into account long-term health-care and lifestyle of those I represent and ensure they receive the best outcome, including physiotherapy and psychological counselling packages. I am proud to oversee a very talented team of lawyers who deliver excellent results for those who turn to us for help.

Significant Cases

I led a case in which I represented a German national who suffered catastrophic injuries whilst working in the UK. He lost an arm and a leg in an explosion at an airport when inflating aircraft tyres and the case needed consideration of both English and German law.

A High Court ruling was required  for the case to be decided under English law (as opposed to German law)  enabling me to secure a much better final financial settlement for our client, the claim eventually being concluded at 1.75m euros.

The case was reported in All England Law reports and widely quoted in legal articles and was shortlisted as a finalist in the ‘Outstanding Case of the Year’ category at the Personal Injury Awards.

I feel a real sense of pride and job satisfaction when I see how my work helps people make a great recovery from serious injury. Once such client was Matthew Burke, a young man who suffered a head injury and bleed on the brain after a fall from a ladder at work and was left unable to walk.  He faced a long road to recovery. I secured Matthew a six-figure damages sum, together with an extensive package of vital counselling and rehabilitation which helped him make a tremendous recovery, returning to work and  going on to compete in many sports events and marathons.

Career, qualifications and memberships

  • Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives

"Jane Woodcock was amazing. She kept me focused and positive at all times, and if ever the counselling team needed a nudge, she was there making sure I had all the support I needed."

Mrs Taylor, Client

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