Iftikhar Manzoor

Team Leader & Senior Litigation Executive


State bodies need to be challenged and lessons need to be learnt to ensure others don’t have to experience distress and heartbreak. 

My clients often feel daunted by the prospect of brining a case against the police or a state institution, it’s my role to absolutely be on their side and reassure them that I will seek justice and answers.’

Get to Know Iftikhar

Iftikhar has more than 25 years’ experience representing clients in Civil Liberties cases and specialises in Actions Against the Police and holding public bodies to account. 

Iftikhar has successful represented clients and the families of those who have experienced injustices such as false imprisonment, death in custody, police assaults and malicious prosecution cases. His work has involved taking action against all major police forces in England and Wales.  

Iftikhar’s clients include activists, politicians and ordinary people who have found themselves needing specialist advice to successfully take legal steps against state institutions. 

Iftikhar also represents bereaved families at Inquests, particularly deaths in police custody, prisons and in mental health hospitals and he is an expert in identifying failures in public policies, enabling families to challenge those responsible for an explanation of the death of loved ones. Clients have described Iftikhar as going ‘above and beyond’ when representing them. 

Iftikhar joined Hudgells in 2022 and was previously head of Civil Liberties at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors.

Career Highlights

In one case, West Yorkshire Police agreed a settlement of £310,000 after a man they treated as drunk and disorderly was, in fact, suffering from the effects of a blood clot. He was left in a cell with no medical attention and the consequences were life changing. 

I also represented the family of 36-year-old Kerry Power, a mother who was strangled by her ex-partner. They have now received an award and an apology from Devon and Cornwall Police stating the events leading up to her murder were “unconscionable and regrettable”. 

In another recent case I represented the parents of the teenager Chelsea Mooney at Inquest following the 17-year-old’s death at a mental health hospital. A jury found her death was partly due to ‘insufficient care, and delays in the emergency response.  

Currently, I represent at Inquest the family of Laura Winham, a vulnerable 38-year-old woman who lay dead in her social housing flat for more than three-and-a-half years. 



Member of the Police Action Lawyers Group – PALG 

Member of the Inquest Lawyers Group – ILG

My advice and articles

Debbie Padley

‘My daughter should have been in hospital, not a cell’ – Inquest hears woman who died in custody may have survived had officers called for medical help

The mother of a 43-year-old woman who died when locked in a Kent Police station cell has welcomed a jury’s conclusion that police officers’ failure to ensure she was medically assessed may have cost her life. Mother-of-four Debbie Padley had been taken to Tonbridge Police Station’s custody suite following a domestic incident at her home […]

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I was wrongfully arrested, what are my compensation rights?

You’re more likely to be arrested by police in Humberside than anywhere else in England and Wales according to official figures. Humberside Police has the highest arrest rate of 42 forces – with 21 arrests for every 1,000 people across Hull, The East Riding of Yorkshire and northern parts of Lincolnshire, including Grimsby and Scunthorpe. […]

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Laura Winham

Vulnerable 38-year-old woman lay dead in social housing flat for more than three years

The family of a vulnerable 38-year-old woman who lay dead in her social housing flat for more than three-and-a-half years say a catalogue of failings caused her to be ‘abandoned and left to die.’ Laura Winham’s relatives found themselves in a ‘heart-breaking’ situation and unable to maintain contact after years of her schizophrenia caused her […]

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Legal team representing partner of man shot dead by West Yorkshire Police officer

Hudgell Solicitors are representing the partner of a man shot dead by an officer of West Yorkshire Police at an inquest scheduled to begin today. Yassar Yaqub, 28, a father-of-two, died following an incident on January 2nd, 2017, when unmarked police vehicles containing covert firearms officers forced two cars to perform a ‘hard stop’ on […]

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Why we need a public inquiry into the deaths of mental health patients in the care of NHS services

The first inquiry of its kind in England is investigating the deaths of 1,500 mental health patients who were being cared for by NHS services across Essex between 2000 and 2020. The circumstances of their deaths were “unexpected, unexplained or self-inflicted”. They included adults, young people and children. They were all highly vulnerable and died […]

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