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I passionately believe those who genuinely suffer injury and loss as a result of avoidable medical errors should be fully compensated. 

Negligence can have a profound impact on a person’s life, and on their families too, so I am proud about the role I play in ensuring they receive a settlement they fully deserve.

Get to Know Hayley

Hayley is a Senior Solicitor specialising in medical negligence cases and has many years of experience dealing with complicated and high-value claims. 

Hayley has a particular interest in birth injury, neonatal and stillbirth cases and has led campaigns to provide improved support for families who suffer baby loss. 

Hayley joined the firm in 2009 and has developed a specialist interest in representing children who have suffered a severe brain injury during pregnancy, childbirth or shortly afterwards, cases which have been funded via Legal Aid.   

As an associate solicitor Hayley also has a keen interest in medical negligence fatal accidents, surgical errors and cancer misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis as well as strokes. 

Based in our Hull office, and having risen through the firm, Hayley is now responsible for a team of clinical negligence fee earners and mentors our trainee solicitors.

Career Highlights

Recently, I represented a mother who sadly suffered PTSD as a result of her mismanaged birth. This also caused her child’s Ischaemic Encephalopathy, where the baby’s brain does not receive enough oxygen and blood flow. Liability has now been admitted and the child’s claim is ongoing due to a guarded prognosis.  

I have also successfully secured an admission of liability from a hospital trust in a case where a 42-year-old patient died after medical staff failed to check the results of an urgent MRI scan for three days, completely missing a brain abscess from which he died.  

As a result, recommendations were made to improve care at the hospital, including the introduction of a ‘fail-safe system’ in which urgent findings are communicated to the relevant medical teams. 

I have also successfully led a case for breaches of the European Convention on Human Rights for the family of a patient who took their life after being wrongly denied admission to a psychiatric unit.


Listed in the Legal 500 Guide 

Member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)

Accredited Personal Injury Specialist - Assosciation of Personal Injury Lawyers

Giving More

I’m a member of the charity HER Breast Friends which benefits those affected by breast cancer and at Hudgells we have volunteer days where we help them out.

My advice and articles

Cerebral Palsy & Birth Negligence

Cerebral Palsy & Birth Negligence

Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claims with birth injury solicitor Hayley Collinson & Keith Phillips Around 30,000 children in the UK are diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. It’s a brain injury that around one in 400 are born with. Possible causes are due to complications either before or at the time of birth and can lead to lifelong […]

John Miles and Wife

World Oral Health Awareness Day: ‘Gum disease and poor care of dentists caused me to lose my entire lower set of teeth’

Two Leeds dentists have agreed a joint £45,000 damages settlement with a patient after their combined poor treatment and errors saw him develop widespread gum disease and bone loss, causing him to spend a year without any teeth on his bottom jaw. Former teacher John Miles believed his dedication to brushing first thing in a […]

8 min read time
Bradford Royal Infirmary

Compensation for women who fell pregnant after failed sterilisation procedures by same gynaecologist

A West Yorkshire gynaecologist has admitted making errors when carrying out sterilisation procedures on women, resulting in them becoming pregnant. Hudgell Solicitors have recently settled compensation cases on behalf of patients relating to errors made by Mr Nicholas Myerson, with liability fully admitted. Mr Myerson, a BUPA registered consultant and Clinical lead for Obstetrics and […]

3 min read time
vicky pealing dental negligence compensation

Vicky’s smiling again after £50,000 claim pays for replacement of 10 teeth lost due to dentist’s negligence

A woman who was shocked to be told she needed 10 teeth removing due to widespread gum disease has thanked Hudgell Solicitors for securing damages of £50,000 from her dentist – and the treatment which has put a smile back on her face. The successful dental negligence compensation claim has ensured the patient, of Derbyshire, […]

6 min read time
Jodi Huggett misdiagnosis

Mum researched her own cancer treatment and discovered doctors were wrongly subjecting her to chemotherapy sessions

A hospital trust has admitted putting a mum through four rounds of chemotherapy which she didn’t need – with the error only discovered after she researched the recommended treatment and information herself. Jodi Huggett, 41, took legal action against Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital’s NHS Trust after discovering her chemotherapy treatment following an operation to […]

7 min read time
Ron and Mary Badham

Hospital specialist’s decision not to test for bowel cancer was ‘completely inexcusable’ and cost patient ‘at least 10 years of life’

A medical negligence solicitor says a hospital specialist’s decision not to carry out a colonoscopy on a women displaying ‘red flag’ symptoms of bowel cancer was ‘completely inexcusable’ – and one which independent experts say cost the woman at least 10 years of life. Mary Badham had visited her GP with classic symptoms of bowel […]

6 min read time
new born baby holding hand

Hospital compensates traumatised mum who missed birth of her daughter as errors forced doctors to put her asleep during delivery

A new mum missed the birth of her firstborn child when doctors realised they had failed to give her enough anaesthetic for her caesarean section – quickly putting her to sleep after she felt the surgical knife going into her. Doctors had been performing an emergency C-section at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester when the error was […]

3 min read time
Tina with her family

Hudgell Solicitors secures compensation for mum after developing blood clot on her lung following surgery

Hudgell Solicitors has helped a mother secure compensation as she developed a blood clot on her lung after being sent home from hospital following surgery without blood thinning medication or compression stockings. Tina Grace, 44, whose youngest child was two at the time, says she feared her children would be left motherless after suffering the […]

5 min read time
david & tracey church were successfully represented in their medical negligence compensation claim by hudgell solicitors

Couple compensated after Hospital admitted their stillborn baby could have been saved

A COUPLE were paid a significant compensation settlement by hospital bosses after their son was delivered stillborn – as it was accepted he could have been saved had they performed an emergency caesarean section earlier. David and Tracey Church, of Pickering, North Yorkshire, lost their son Lewis during a traumatic birth at Scarborough General Hospital, […]

7 min read time

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