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Daniel Macmillan

Litigation Executive, Travel

Injuries Sustained Abroad Foreign Road Traffic Accidents Criminal Injuries


Daniel has been a member of the Travel Litigation department since 2018 and his work is focussed on supporting people who have sustained injuries abroad in accidents, or suffered from illness outbreaks which should have been prevented. Daniel has previous experience of supporting victims of crime through claims to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Throughout my legal education and career I have been trained to communicate effectively with all parties concerned in any case, and I can say that this certainly helps matters progress as smoothly as possible, which is of course what client’s want. It also helps to ensure that legal issues of a complex nature can be solved quicker, and that ultimately brings a better client experience, as many are simply wanting to put what happened behind them as soon as possible.

Career, qualifications and memberships

  • Law LLB from the University of Hull
  • LPC LLM from the University of Law

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