The UK has some of the best medical services in the world but that doesn’t prevent accidents from happening.

I have seen first-hand how the physical and financial consequences can be catastrophic and I’m passionate about helping those affected get the assistance and compensation they deserve

Get to Know Bond

Bond has worked in the legal profession since 2019 and represents clients in medical negligence and military injury compensation claims. He qualified as a solicitor in 2022 and is experienced in a range of claims including delayed cancer diagnosis, misdiagnosis, fatal claims and dental negligence.

Previously, Bond worked for another well-known law firm specialising in military injury claims and in another role with the UK’s largest military charity he advised members of the armed forces and their families with their Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) cases and continues to do so at Hudgells.

Career Highlights

I’m passionate about helping clients get both the justice and compensation they are rightly entitled to.

I recently settled a claim involving a client who had been forgotten by the NHS after having a skin cancer lesion partially removed. The client was due to have a follow up after undergoing operative treatment for skin cancer but unfortunately, was never reviewed. Over next several years, the cancer returned and eventually the client required a more invasive operation which left him with a nasty scar and anxiety issues.

In another case, I represented a widow whose deceased husband’s lung cancer diagnosis was delayed as a result of a Hospital Trust missing abnormalities on a x-ray at an early stage. The Trust admitted failings and agreed the man would have lived longer had it not been for the breach.

Giving More

Hudgells supports volunteering in work hours, and I help out a local charity, Stick ‘n’ Step, which supports children with cerebral palsy.

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