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My career has focussed around travel abroad, from working in a local travel agency to being Group Actions Manager at a travel firm.

That experience of defending claims makes me an excellent choice for claimants, as I know from vast experience what to expect from the other side.

Get to Know Anne

Anne has spent more than 30 years working in holiday injury and illness claims and has experience of representing both claimants and defendant holiday operators.

She has led cases involving injuries as a result of coaches being in road traffic accidents abroad, and injuries being suffered on planes and cruise ships.

Anne has also been successful in group action claims where illnesses have been caused as a result of poor hygiene or food standards at all-inclusive hotels and on cruises.

At a previous legal firm, Anne established a travel litigation department, growing the team from a starting point to a successful part of the business.

Career Highlights

Over the years I’ve achieved settlements for people who have suffered dreadful consequences as a result of food poisoning contracted while on holiday and as a result of other bacterial infections such as Legionnaires’s disease.

Holidays of all types have been ruined, in a successful recent case my client was scalded by hot coffee while returning home on a Virgin Atlantic flight. The cause was turbulence, but as my client was in no way to blame he was awarded compensation as he was covered under The Montreal Convention, a pro-consumer law which protects people injured in an accident during international air travel.

In another case, a mother taking children to enjoy the evening’s entertainment at their holiday hotel suffered a serious ankle injury after she fell on a poorly lit footpath leaving her needing a wheelchair and crutches for the rest of the trip. She contacted several solicitors for legal advice who advised the case wasn’t strong enough, but I was sure her claim would be successful and she was eventually awarded compensation.

It was also satisfying to successfully represent a woman who was taken so severely ill after returning home from holiday in India that she needed hospital treatment. She was awarded £6,750 damages from TUI after being diagnosed with pneumonia and Legionnaires’ disease.


My advice and articles

Accidents on Planes and at Airports

Accidents on Planes and at Airports

Accidents on Planes Compensation Claims with travel litigation executive Anne Thomson & Keith Phillips. Accidents on planes are not uncommon, many are caused by luggage falling from overhead lockers and hot drink spills. If you’re injured on a plane through no fault of your own or due to a crash while on a coach transfer […]

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Investigations into cause of illnesses at Egypt hotels which ruined holidays and could qualify for compensation

Investigations are being carried out by our dedicated Travel Litigation Team at Hudgell Solicitors into illnesses suffered by British holidaymakers at two hotels in Egypt this summer. We have been contacted by a number of families after members of their travelling party became unwell whilst staying at the Jaz Mirabel in Sharm El-Sheikh, and the […]

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TUI agrees damages for holidaymaker who needed hospital treatment after being diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease after trip to India

A woman who was taken so severely ill after returning home from holiday in India that she needed hospital treatment has been awarded £6,750 damages after being diagnosed with pneumonia and Legionnaires’ disease. The woman, 62, from the West Midlands, spent two weeks at the Hard Rock Hotel in Goa on a package holiday booked […]

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Clients make cruise ship accident claims after injuries ‘ruin’ their trips at sea

Hudgell Solicitors’ expert cruise ship accident lawyers have recently secured compensation damages for two passengers who suffered injuries in very different circumstances at sea. Ahead of the first British cruise line restarting fly-cruises on September 3, with Tui Marella Cruises sailing from Corfu, we highlight how our specialist travel solicitors helped two clients pursue an […]

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Passenger wins damages after being scalded on easyJet flight

A woman who was badly scalded when boiling hot coffee was spilled into her lap and down her leg on an easyJet flight has shared pictures of her injuries and called for lessons to be learned from her accident. Ellen Masters, of Hemel Hempstead, says she hopes better procedures are followed on other flights, saying […]

Jade, Dave and children Oscar, Bella, Zachary and Buddy

Investigations as children admitted to hospital suffering from sickness and diarrhoea on holiday in Menorca

Families whose young children suffered from ‘constant sickness and diarrhoea’ and had to be admitted to hospital whilst staying at all-inclusive ‘five star’ hotel in Menorca have spoken of their ‘terrifying and traumatic’ ordeal. The children aged two, four and 10 were rushed to a local hospital and given intravenous fluids and medication after being […]

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Egypt’s Jasmine Palace Resort and Spa hotel pledges to review hygiene and cleanliness with staff after guests’ illnesses

It has been interesting to see managers at the Jasmine Palace Resort & Spa, in Hurghada, Egypt, promising to raise hygiene and cleanliness concerns with staff following reports of a number of illnesses by guests in recent weeks. It comes as our specialist travel litigation team at Hudgell Solicitors has been instructed to seek holiday […]

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Thomas Molloy

Investigations reveal numerous cases of Legionnaires’ Disease involving guests of Sun City Hotel in Turkey

Investigations have revealed a number of cases of Legionnaires’ Disease were reported by holidaymakers who stayed at the same hotel in Turkey in September and October of last year. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has confirmed that seven cases of Legionnaires’ Disease involving residents staying at the Sun City Hotel in […]

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