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About our Hull Team

If you’ve been negatively impacted by someone else’s actions, whether that’s through personal injury, medical negligence or otherwise, Hudgell Solicitors in Hull are here to help you secure fair compensation for your experience.

We’ve been providing expert legal representation for over 20 years, taking the time to listen and putting our clients’ need first every step of the way. Hudgell Solicitors has been recognised in the leading 2020 Legal 500 guide, highlighting the specialist knowledge, empathy and diligence of our teams which makes who we are.

The Hull Office in East Yorkshire is the northern-most part of our network, cementing our position as a national law firm which can offer a wide range of legal services and assist those in need of specialist solicitors who’ll have their best interests at heart. We understand that anything that happens to our clients could happen to any one of us, meaning our approach is centred around empathy and compassion.

Our Legal Services In Hull

Our Hudgell Solicitors law firm in Hull is our flagship office in the North-East, providing a platform from which our expert solicitors can service the neighbouring areas of Beverly, Driffield and Market Weighton and up as far as Northumberland. We also possess a strong legal presence within Yorkshire, specifically within Goole, Grimsby and Scunthorpe, allowing us to offer a truly local service.

We understand that every injury is different, and our team of Hull solicitors are dedicated to working with you to get the result you deserve. If necessary, we can offer ‘no win no fee’ legal services to support raising claims that won’t cost you a penny, and successful claims will be paid for through an agreed-upon fee from your settlement.

We offer a range of different services tailored to your unique circumstances:

Personal Injury – Whether it’s a broken bone or more complex injury, the impact and disruption that personal injuries can have on your life and family can be challenging. We work to get you the compensation from the party responsible to get your life back on track. Read more.

Serious Injury – If you experience a serious injury, it can be a difficult obstacle to overcome and come to be a life-changing event. Our solicitors place the emphasis on family support and rehabilitation, getting you a settlement that’ll assist in making adjustments and have the best possible chance for recover. Read more.

Serious Injury Abroad – Our travel litigation specialists can navigate the international laws surrounding injuries sustained when on holiday or travelling for business in other countries. If you’ve encountered a road accident when driving abroad that wasn’t your fault, you could be entitled to make a claim. Read more.

Civil Liberties – Holding people accountable by bringing civil action against forces using undue force or illegal treatment is part of ensuring the justice system is working as intended. We can support on police complaints surrounding the failures of individual police offers during the course of their duties. Read more.

Brain and Head Injury – Experiencing an accident or incident involving head injuries or brain injuries can have a lasting affect on the victim and their family. Our role is to ensure you get fair compensation to facilitate your access to support and rehabilitation services which are a crucial part of recovery. Read more.

Criminal Injuries – The effects of falling victim to a violent crime or assault can be devastating for those involved, which is why we make every effort possible in our criminal injury claims. Hudgell Solicitors are among the most experienced criminal injury specialists in this UK. Read more.

Inquest Solicitors – Losing a loved one can be deeply distressing, especially when the specific circumstances of their death are unclear. Inquest lawyers can provide outlets for ‘properly interested persons’ to ask questions to witnesses during the course of providing formal evidence. Read more.

Medical Negligence – Undergoing a medical procedure or requiring serious medical attention can already be difficult to come to terms with. Experiencing complications due to negligent staff can create an even more complex and frustrating situation, but one that we strive to rectify as simply as possible. Read more.

Birth Negligence – Bringing a life into the world has the potential to be a life-defining moment, which is why birth injuries or negligent care are such distressing incidents. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to make a birth injury claim if these incidents were the result of medical negligence. Read more.

Hudgell Solicitors in Hull

Our law firm in Hull is one of the original Hudgell Solicitors branches from the firm’s conception and we’re proud to have supported the local community in achieving justice for over XX years. Headed up by Dr Neil Hudgell as our Executive Chairman who spearheads the firm’s adaptive approach and our CEO Rachel Di Clemente, the specialist team of legal experts in Hull are well established within the litigation landscape in the North.

The dedicated legal team of our Hull branch is there for you, attentively assessing any potential claims which are brought to us and taking care of you and your family to ensure you’re comfortable during the claim process.

We understand that legal proceedings can be a daunting prospect, but with your dedicated solicitor at your side you can feel reassured that we’ll provide you with the right guidance when you need it most. The innovation from our leadership team allows us to offer the best legal services possible at a guaranteed cost set out from the get-go.

Civil Liberties and Actions Against the Police

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Brain and Head Injury

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Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims

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Inquest Solicitors

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Birth Negligence

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Personal Injury

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Serious Injury Abroad

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Your Hull Team of Experts

Dr Neil Hudgell

Dr Neil Hudgell, Executive Chairman

Chris Moore

Chris Moore, Joint Head of Clinical Negligence

Vince Shore

Vince Shore, Joint Head of Clinical Negligence, Hull

Jane Woodcock

Jane Woodcock, Head of Personal Injury

Helena Wood

Helena Wood, Associate, Clinical Negligence

Hayley Collinson

Hayley Collinson, Associate, Clinical Negligence

Lauren Dale

Lauren Dale, Associate Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

Gemma Bontoft

Gemma Bontoft, Litigation Executive, Clinical Negligence

Leanne Stephenson

Leanne Stephenson, Associate, Civil Liberties

Kirsty Yates

Kirsty Yates, Litigation Executive, Clinical Negligence

Sarah Kidd

Sarah Kidd, Associate, Personal Injury

Vicky Richardson

Vicky Richardson, Head of Civil Liberties

Rachel O’Connor

Rachel O’Connor, Litigation Executive, Clinical Negligence

Shauna Page

Shauna Page, Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

Alexandra Eldon

Alexandra Eldon, Trainee Solicitor, Civil Liberties

Michelle Tebbutt

Michelle Tebbutt, Associate Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

Eliza Hudgell

Eliza Hudgell, Solicitor, Civil Liberties

Emma Cawthorne

Emma Cawthorne, Solicitor, Medical Negligence

Becci Bilby

Becci Bilby, Legal Executive, Personal Injury

Samantha Gardner

Samantha Gardner, Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

Rebecca Cone

Rebecca Cone, Litigation Executive, Personal Injury

Rachel Di Clemente

Rachel Di Clemente, Chief Executive

Sarah Colgrave

Sarah Colgrave, Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

Tracy Thames

Tracy Thames, Litigation Executive, Criminal Injuries

Elizabeth Maliakal

Elizabeth Maliakal, Associate, Clinical Negligence

Samuel McFadyen

Samuel McFadyen, Associate, Personal Injury

Caroline Murgatroyd

Caroline Murgatroyd, Associate, Clinical Negligence

Nicola Bailey-Gibbs

Nicola Bailey-Gibbs, Associate, Criminal Injuries and Civil Liberties

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