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No Win No Fee Claims

When choosing a solicitor to take on your claim you need to be sure you find someone that always puts you first, has a proven track record and a depth of specialist expertise that can deal with any type of claim, no matter how complex. Hudgell Solicitors has been trusted across the UK for nearly 20 years to do just that and the majority of our cases are on a no win no fee basis.

We are a large law firm that has a very experienced team which specialise in a wide range of fields. This means we will be able to maximise the chance of success, as well as the amount of compensation that you receive, even when a case becomes technically complex.

The service received from a solicitor can vary wildly and we believe the following set us apart from the competition.

How does a ‘no win no fee claim’ work?

Your solicitor will assess the prospects of your case, reviewing your details and options. All funding options will be discussed and it will then be decided if you are best supported with a ‘no win no fee’ agreement or not.

At the first instance, during your initial consultation, it is crucial that you provide accurate and detailed information about your claim. This may involve records, documents and evidence that supports the claim you are putting forward.

If your solicitor offers a ‘no win no fee’ agreement and you accept it, there will be no financial risk to you if you do not win your case. Once your case has concluded, you will only be expected to pay a contribution to your solicitor’s fees if the case is decided in your favour.

These costs are usually a percentage of the compensation that you are awarded, which will be agreed prior to your case proceedings.

What happens if I lose my ‘no win no fee’ claim?

If the claim is unsuccessful, you do not owe a penny to your solicitor. An insurance policy will also have been taken out at the start of your claim to cover other expenses such as obtaining medical records, medical experts fees and Court fees. This will ensure you are not out of pocket in any way.

Can any claim be made on a ‘no win no fee’ basis?

Typically, a ‘no win no fee’ claim can be processed for anything, from a personal injury in a road accident, to a complaint against your employer or a negligence claim against a healthcare practitioner.

Most solicitors will review this on a case-by-case basis to confirm whether they will take each given case on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

What is the claims process?

Do all solicitors offer ‘no win no fee’?

‘No win no fee’ has been a method of financing a claim since 1995. Many solicitors will offer it, although the percentage that they will charge on successful cases and their processes will differ.

Some may also reject your particular case, whilst others may accept it. Whilst some solicitors may charge to assess whether or not they will take on your case, at Hudgell Solicitors, any initial consultation to assess your claim is always free.

Do I have to pay anything to begin with?

Some solicitors might charge you upfront for the cost of a medical report, court fees and other expenses that are necessary in order to proceed with your case.

Again, this is something that you can confer with your solicitor about initially, so that no charges come as a surprise. Hudgell Solicitors take out an insurance policy, at no charge to you, to cover those expenses.

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