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‘Hudgells didn’t just help me after injury, but joined my journey to a new life helping others’

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Samuel McFadyen

Manager of Serious Injury (Hull)

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29 Apr 2022

Robert Keane says the positive impact Hudgell Solicitors has had on his life has been ‘breath-taking’ – from securing a substantial damages award to compensate him for his life-changing injury to offering life-changing advice and ongoing support.

For three years after his legal case was closed and damages secured, having being left wheelchair bound following a serious accident at work, Hudgells and Robert remain in constant contact as our team supports him in the running of food banks, which are in ever-increasing demand, across Hull.

Robert established his first food bank in his own home and now runs the services six days a week, as well as online, supporting around 500 people a week.

It’s a service which, in times of a ‘cost of living crisis’, has become essential, and one Robert says would never had happened without the support provided to him by Samuel McFadyen, the Associate Solicitor who handled his personal injury claim at Hudgell Solicitors.

“After my accident I began to deteriorate all the time. I eventually had to stop work and found myself in a wheelchair,” he recalled.

“It was a very complex case. I didn’t know what was happening to my body or around me, and then Hudgells were able to show that it was pre-existing Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome which had been accelerated by his accident at work.

“From a relatively fit young man, you just feel your whole world has just shattered around you. At that time Sam was obviously working hard on the case and looking to see what he could do for me legally, but he also took the time to talk to me about myself, my own life choices and my own lifestyle, and I thought that was amazing.

“He encouraged me to get up out of bed and to get out and do stuff, and to actually engage with the community, for my own mental health really and my own state.

“That’s where everything started from, so I could never be more grateful to Sam and to Hudgells because, if I didn’t get those words of wisdom at that time, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now.”

Food banks operate from three venues

Running the food banks has brought a real sense of satisfaction, purpose and achievement into Robert’s life after facing the reality that he’d be unable to hold down a working role again at the age of just 40.

It now operates from the Maurice Rawling Community Centre in Bean Street, West Hull, on Wednesdays from 10am-3pm, at New George Street in the city centre on Thursdays from 10am-1pm, and at Hopewell Road in East Hull from Monday to Saturday, from 9am-3pm.

Mr Keane is supported by a 20+ strong army of volunteers who help man the food banks throughout the week, as well as delivering food parcels through an online service.

“For me personally it means the world that I can actually do this, because I can relate to a lot of the stories as well. I can relate to people and understand that there is no food in the cupboard,” he said.

“The foodbank actually started in my house and I used to put the parcels on my electric wheelchair and go out and deliver. We then grew and grew and grew. These are places where people come to pick up their food parcels. We do it six days a week in different areas and we also do an online service which I am very passionate about.”

Lawyers ‘humbled’ to play a part in community service

Lawyers and support staff from Hudgell Solicitors now volunteer their time to help man the food banks in pairs each week, support which Robert describes as ‘breath-taking’.

“My case is closed. Hudgells had done their job for me and had done an amazing job as it was a very complex case, but it’s the ongoing support afterwards which is special,” he says.

“It’s the calls, just to contact me and catch up with me, asking how things are going and how the foodbanks were doing, and how they could help in any way,

“I believe there is a reason that people come into each other’s lives, and Hudgells not only came into my life, but they joined me on my journey.”

Mr McFadyen said: “All credit goes to Robbie for what he has done.

“It gives you motivation and purpose to get up in a morning. He feels he is giving back as on his journey as he has had support himself, and he feels this is a way for him to help others and return that sort of gratitude. He’s trying to make a difference and he does make a difference.

“We have been delighted to support him, and the local community. It is such an important service, and it is humbling and truly rewarding to be involved in something which has such a positive impact on so many lives in, what for many, are difficult times.”


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