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July 23rd 2021

Road Traffic Accidents

Awareness campaign highlights how we help 50 clients a month after being injured on the roads

Becci Bilby

Becci Bilby

Legal Executive, Personal Injury

Awareness campaign highlights how we help 50 clients a month after being injured on the roads

Hudgell Solicitors has helped on average 50 clients a month make a successful claim for compensation after being involved in a road traffic accident (RTA) in the UK or abroad in the last five years.

Hudgell Solicitors has helped on average 50 clients a month make a successful claim for compensation after being involved in a road traffic accident (RTA) in the UK or abroad in the last five years.

Since April 2016, we have helped more than 3,000 road users gain the compensation they deserve – with a particular focus on helping vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

As part of our motorcycle accident awareness campaign this summer, we are keen to highlight the dangers faced by riders when they take to the saddle and how – in the words of one of our biker clients – it is a “free for all” in the warmer weather.

Our expert motorcycle accident lawyers help clients get back on their bike after suffering injury and have seen first hand the different types of injuries and claims that can be made after a motorbike crash.

Motorbike enthusiast Becci Ashfield, a legal executive in our personal injury team who is spearheading our campaign, has assisted many riders hurt on roads across the UK in the last decade to make a claim for motorcycle accident compensation.

She recently helped Christopher Bell, 58, from Redruth, Cornwall, claim £30,000 in motorcycle accident compensation after his bike was written off and he suffered a dislocated shoulder together with groin, hip and knee injuries.

He had been on his way to do a night shift at the Royal Cornwall Hospital when he was hit head on by a driver three-and-a-half times over the drink-drive limit.

“I can remember everything, it was like I was watching it in slow motion to be quite honest,” he said.

“Because where the accident happened there is traffic calming, I thought that he would have gone to the left but he carried on straight through me basically.”

Motorcycle accident forces client to ‘give up the things I love’

His case is an example of how motorbike crash injuries can have a long-lasting impact on the life of a rider beyond the four months he had off work initially.

“I had to give up the job I particularly like and take a much easier job in the hospital. I am a healthcare support worker and the level of work I was doing was quite physical and I can’t do that as much unfortunately,” added Mr Bell.

“I have been riding on or riding bikes ever since I was six years old and I am 58 now, so it’s a big part of my life.

“I have been able to get back on a bike but as time has gone on it is getting more and more of a struggle and I am probably going to have to, in the next year or so, give the bike up because of the pain and the position of the riding.

“So there’s another thing I am going to have to give up that I like doing, it’s just one thing after another to be honest.”

Helping clients make a road traffic accident claim

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a motorbike crash then our expert motorcycle accident solicitors are here to help.

The most high-profile motorcycle accident compensation case our expert team helped settle saw Samuel McFadyen, Associate in our personal injury department, secure a £7.5m damages settlement for a man who was left in need of lifelong care and support after suffering a serious brain injury in a motorbike accident.

However, Ms Ashfield, who has worked for Hudgell Solicitors for 14 years, is keen to stress that riders may be eligible to make a motorcycle accident claim for injuries of all severities where fault lies with a third party.

“I remember one client almost 10 years ago I helped make a claim after they were riding along a main road and a vehicle ahead was indicating to turn right,” she said.

“The bike rider therefore proceeded to pass the vehicle on the inside. However, as he did so, the driver changed their mind and whilst still indicating right made a left turn into a car park and knocked over my client.

“Thankfully the rider was not seriously injured – suffering deep grazes and road rash to their right knee, hip and elbow and across both shoulders – but we still helped secure them over £4,000 in damages.

“A similar case involved one of our clients travelling along a road in Hull when a car driver travelling in the opposite direction turned right across his path and our client was unable to avoid a collision.

“His injuries were soft tissue in nature but we managed to secure more than £8,000 in damages after agreeing a settlement.

“Meanwhile, another rider I helped involved a driver changing lanes when it was not safe to do so and colliding with the side of our client’s motorcycle.

“He suffered fractures, bruising and soft-tissue injuries and has permanent scarring on his right hand and we were able to secure a £12,500 settlement for him.”

The most recent motorcycle injury claim our road traffic accident solicitors secured damages for was a case Associate Sarah Kidd worked on, helping her client secure £4,600 in compensation.

She said: “Our client was a motorcyclist waiting at a junction to exit. A driver turned into the junction, cut the corner and hit our client, leaving him with soft-tissue injuries to his neck, back, elbow, knee and hip.

“Liability was denied but later admitted once we sent a witness statement with photos of the scene.”

Four other examples of times we have helped after a motorbike accident in the UK or abroad

  • Whilst travelling in a motorcycle convoy with four friends in France, a rider was hit by an uninsured driver who pulled out from a side road and knocked him off his motorbike. Read the full story here >> 
  • We helped a college lecturer secure compensation after he suffered a broken leg in a motorbike crash when hit by a taxi which cut across his lane. Read the full story here >> 
  • We helped a moped rider secure damages after a bus company failed to clear spilled oil from a busy road outside its depot, causing an accident which left him with a torn shoulder. Read the full story here >> 
  • A teenage girl was knocked unconscious and broke her collarbone when she was thrown from her motorcycle after a farmer left a country road covered in mud. Read the full story here >> 

Fatal motorcycle accident figures worse in summer months

Provisional motorcycle accident statistics for 2020 from the Department of Transport highlight just why we have picked the summer months to raise awareness around the plight of motorbike riders.

Figures show that the five months between May and September accounted for 59 per cent of fatal motorcycle accidents – with the other 41 per cent occurring in the other seven months last year.

And client Mr Bell added: “My accident happened in August. When holiday season comes in it’s a free for all to be quite honest. It generally starts in May through to about September.

“I do think there is a bit of a lack of awareness of motorbike riders. They have the Think Bike campaign on the TV but even locally, especially in Cornwall, we have the ‘Think Bike’ stickers in cars.

“But I think they shrug it off to be quite honest, they may put a sticker in the back of their car because it’s trendy, but whether they do actually think about riders is another matter.”

If you have been involved in a motorbike crash or any form of road traffic accident that was not your fault then you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation.

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