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Damages rewarded after Toni and Guy left chemical burns on 21-year-old client

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Sarah Kidd

Manager, Personal Injury (Fixed Costs) & Associate Solicitor

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11 Apr 2017

21-year-old Becca Peet suffered chemical burns and was left with a permanent bald patch after undergoing treatment at a hair salon. She suffered a ‘full thickness chemical burn’, causing her skin to blister and become infected. She had to undergo an operation to remove the infected burn, leaving her with the bald patch, and a 9cm surgical scar.

The Legal Process

After Hudgell’s personal injury lawyers identified Miss Peet could be entitled to compensation, solicitor and beauty & hairdressing negligence specialist, Becci Ashfield, led the legal case on behalf of Miss Peet, alleging that a trainee member of staff had wrongly mixed the treatment, leading to it causing the burns. It was also alleged that staff failed to realise the damage being caused quickly enough, causing further pain by failing to remove foils and further adding to the pain by applying hot water and blow drying the hair.


A ‘without prejudice’ five-figure damages settlement was offered by the salon’s insurers, accepted by Miss Peet – meaning the salon was prepared to offer a settlement without officially accepting blame. Legal representation proved crucial in this case for Miss Peet as Toni & Guy tried to suggest that her injuries may have been suffered elsewhere and even went to the length of asking to see bank and credit card statements, suggesting she may have been treated elsewhere after being at their salon.


“Toni & Guy denied being at fault for causing my injuries for three-and-a-half years and only paid me damages in the end because of the legal support I had from Hudgell Solicitors, which gathered enough evidence with regard to what happened on the day and the extent of my injuries. I am very grateful for the support Matt gave me and for how he held them to account for their actions.” – Becca Peet

Hudgell Solicitors Comment

“This was a case in which the defendant strongly challenged and the matter was dragged out for three years before the ‘without prejudice’ offer was made. We are glad that our legal expertise was able to gather the evidence needed, including medical opinions on her injuries, to be able to secure her compensation for her injuries. It was a shocking case and despite there being no official admission on the part of the salon, the settlement did allow Becca to move on from what was a very traumatic experience.” – Becci Ashfield, personal injury specialist


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Damages rewarded after Toni and Guy left chemical burns on 21-year-old client

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