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£17,000 damages for MoD employee following a fall at work after heavy snowfall

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06 May 2021

A 60-year-old Ministry of Defence employee has received damages after suffering permanent injuries from a trip over a snow covered curb that her employers had failed to maintain.

Our client, a full time civil service administrator, was taking her regular route to work in the winter of 2018.

There had been heavy snowfall for the days prior to the accident in February that year and 5 inches had covered the ground.

The lady’s employers had failed to adequately grit the pathway within the premises and surrounding the building, causing her to fall over a curb that was whitewashed by the snow and completely hidden.

The walkway to the offices had not been cleared at all, making it impossible for anyone to see any obstacles that lay within the snow.

Immediately following the accident, the path was cleared of snow and the ground gritted without hesitation. Had this of been done sooner in the day, the accident could have been avoided and our client wouldn’t have broken her arm which has since caused her long-term suffering.

For a number of weeks after the accident, our client was unable to shower, wash, dress, cook, walk or even drive by herself and was completely reliant on her husband for the entire time.

She was also left unable to work as her arm was being held in a sling restricting her ability to use it.

The Legal Case

Our client contacted our specialist personal injury lawyers where we assessed the circumstances surrounding the accident and having ascertained that there was a good chance the case would be successful, took the case on from another firm of solicitors.

Our team secured supportive medical evidence which brought to light the damage our client had endured to her arm.

Her employers accepted full responsibility for failing to maintain and inspect the area where she had tripped, therefore accepting that they had put her and her colleagues at risk.

After considering the evidence and responsibility, negotiations with the defendants came to a close with the agreement of a £17,000 compensation award for our client.

Whilst preparations to issue court proceedings were being made, this case was ultimately brought to a close and settled without having to go to court.

Client comment

“Hudgell Solicitors have been extremely professional and very helpful in dealing with my claim following a fall at work.

“They successfully raised the final amount of the award well above my expectations and I would definitely recommend Hudgell Solicitors.”

Hudgell Solicitors comment

Our personal injury specialists, said: “We were pleased to be able to help our client in this case. Whilst taking her regular journey into work she suffered a painful fall which impacted her and her husband’s ability to go about their normal lives for quite some time.

We were happy that we could secure the supportive evidence to secure the right settlement, one which was higher than initial estimated, and hopefully goes some way to righting the wrong that our client experienced.”

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£17,000 damages for MoD employee following a fall at work after heavy snowfall

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