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June 11th 2021

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accident campaign to draw on legal executive’s passion for race team

Becci Bilby

Becci Bilby

Legal Executive, Personal Injury

Motorcycle accident campaign to draw on legal executive’s passion for race team

Hudgell Solicitors is today launching a campaign to raise awareness of what to do if riders are injured as a result of a motorcycle accident in the UK or Europe.

Hudgell Solicitors is today launching a campaign to raise awareness of what to do if riders are injured as a result of a motorcycle accident in the UK or Europe.

With temperatures on the rise and traffic levels almost back to pre-pandemic levels, personal injury specialist Becci Ashfield is combining her legal expertise and passion for all things motorbikes to spread the word to bikers this summer.

Ms Ashfield will work alongside the firm’s expert travel team on the three-month campaign, which will involve a series of articles to highlight accident hotspots around the UK and Europe; what to do in the unfortunate event of a motorcycle accident in this country or Europe as travel routes abroad start to open up; and the process of making a motorbike claim for compensation.

The legal executive, 47, who has worked at the firm for 14 years, has been around motorcycles all her life, but her love for all things two wheels took off in 2017 when she started volunteering with the Talan Racing team, which is made up of two paraplegic riders competing against able-bodied bikers.

“I am really keen to combine my love for my race team and my job in a way that can be mutually beneficial,” she said.

“I have always had a passion for helping people. Had I not become a lawyer I would have gone into some form of helping or caring role.

Becci Ashfield of Hudgell Solicitors standing with the Talan Racing motorcycle team
Becci Ashfield, third on the left, with the Talan Racing team

“My passion for helping bikers specifically came after I met the riders at Talan Racing as a guest at an event at Cadwell Park in September 2017. The team consists of two paraplegic riders, Talan and Andy, both of whom race competitively against able-bodied riders.

“Having seen first-hand what they were able to achieve, given their considerable disabilities, I was inspired by them and inspired to help in whatever way I could. I began working with the team the following season and three years later I am still with them.

“Having seen what they can achieve, I want to show other people with catastrophic injuries – whether caused from bike accidents or not – what can be achieved and that life does not have to come to an end.

“If you ever needed proof that there is still life after paralysis, these two are very much that proof. For injured bikers and non-bikers alike, these are two incredible, inspiring guys.”

Helping those who suffer serious injury after a motorcycle accident

Talan Racing, which races in the British Motorcycle Racing Club, or Bemsee, is made up of team founder Talan Skeels-Piggins and Andy Houghton, both of whom were left with life-changing disabilities after serious motorcycle accidents.

Becci Ashfield helping one of the paraplegic motorcycle riders stay upright on the starting grid
Becci Ashfield helping one of the paraplegic riders stay upright on the grid

Three years spent volunteering with the team at race weekends, coupled with years helping clients make motorcycle accident claims, has left Ms Ashfield well placed to guide people unsure what to do after suffering an injury on a motorbike.

Not all motorcycle accident injuries result in life-changing disabilities and she has secured compensation for many riders who have been knocked off their motorbikes and left with injuries such as dislocated shoulders; compound fractures requiring pins and plates to be inserted; fractured ribs, pelvis and ankles; dislocated fingers; whiplash; and soft-tissue injuries.

“As the weather warms up and people venture out more after a year of Covid restrictions, it is a great time to raise awareness,” added Ms Ashfield, who has written a series of informative bike-based blogs for Hudgell Solicitors in the past four years.

“Biker injuries are often very different to driver injuries since you have no protection from that metal box around you.

“You will be thrown from your machine and if you are lucky you will bounce down the road. If you are less lucky you will hit trees, lamp posts, walls or cars.”

Rachel Di Clemente, chief executive of Hudgell Solicitors, added: “As the summer holiday period approaches, I am grateful to Becci and our Travel Team as they work together to ensure that motorcyclists have the best possible information to stay safe and get the help they need in the event of an accident, wherever they choose to travel this year.

“We are delighted to be able to use Becci’s passion for motorbikes to raise awareness around motorcycle accidents during the summer months.”

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