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Hudgell Solicitors™ | Latest News | The ‘outstanding in all areas’ care and residential homes providing safe, individually tailored and effective support

The ‘outstanding in all areas’ care and residential homes providing safe, individually tailored and effective support

Good care homes

Hudgell Solicitors has researched England’s best rated care and residential homes – ranked outstanding in all areas by inspectors – which are providing ‘passionate and personalised care which should be the blueprint for all others to follow’.

As of the end of June 2018, out of almost 16,000 care facilities inspected across England by inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 364 were rated as ‘outstanding’ overall in their services.

However, just six care and residential facilities dedicated to the elderly and vulnerable, inspected and reported upon since January 2017, scored ‘outstanding’ in all five areas of review under the CQC’s traffic light based scoring system.

This means they received the highest possible rating for safety and effectiveness, and for being caring, responsive and well-led.

Hudgell Solicitors is highlighting these inspection reports as part of its ‘Give Me Dignity’ campaign, calling for high standards of care for the elderly and vulnerable in all areas of healthcare.

Solicitor Sarah Scully said: “As part of our campaign we have been highlighting many examples of poor and neglectful care, and cases in which we have represented families whose loved ones have suffered as a result.

“However, we also want to reassure people that there are many excellent care and residential homes where the elderly and vulnerable are exceptionally well looked after, and the homes on this list have been ranked by inspectors as being among the very best in England.

“There are some lovely aspects of care highlighted in these reports, from homes specifically employing people to carry out physiotherapy and massages to ensuring residents are entertained and taking part in daily activities and have access to the favourite music on Ipods.

“It is also wonderful to read of quality end-of-life care plans and initiatives such as memory photobooks for families when their loved ones pass away.

“What is most reassuring and notable however about the findings at each of these homes though is that they are all led by effective management, are appropriately staffed by the right number of highly trained people who can support people with specific needs such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, and that procedures and policies are in place manage important aspects such the prevention of falls and pressure ulcers, medication and mealtimes.

“They each tailor to individual needs and ensure measures are in place to ensure residents are comfortable, have good diets and are in a safe and caring environment at all times.

“The people in these facilities are loved, protected, respected and cared for with dignity, and that is exactly what are calling for in our campaign. They are providing passionate and personalised care which should be the blueprint for all others to follow.”

From CQC inspection reports, more than 11,470 have been rated as ‘good’ overall, something Mrs Scully says can give relatives confidence of finding a home where a relative will receive kind, compassionate and quality care when the time comes.

“We are obviously campaigning for better standards of care at the homes which are underperforming and consistently letting people down, but a key part of what we are trying to achieve is to educate families making decisions for loved ones with regards to choosing a home, or assessing and challenging the care they currently receive,” she said.

“The research we have conducted has highlighted a huge inconsistency between the best and worst performing care facilities.

“We hope that our work will encourage people to carry out greater research and find homes which are performing well, ask more questions and when needed challenge poor care.

“This will hopefully help people make better informed decisions and also lead to improvements in care at the facilities not meeting the standards expected.”

The following care and residential homes were rated ‘outstanding’ in all areas of inspection by the CQC. Inspections were carried out after January 1, 2017.

Godswell Park, Church Street, Bloxham, Banbury, Oxfordshire,

What the inspectors said (report published on 26 August 2017)

  • High quality premises with a hotel-type atmosphere. Clean environment, beautifully decorated with stunning, well-kept and accessible gardens.
  • A tranquil, warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout. People are relaxed and staff demonstrate an exceptionally caring attitude.
  • Food of an outstanding standard, including locally sourced fresh ingredients through to producing and presenting high quality food of a restaurant standard.
  • Very high staff numbers and skills mixes deployed to provide a holistic approach to care and peoples’ safety.
  • Detailed and personalised care plans for resident, followed by staff with an extremely safe and caring approach.
  • Large range of activities and interests provided to ensure residents are kept occupied.

Rossall, Westway, Fleetwood, Lancashire,

What the inspectors said (report published on 7 June 2017)

  • Automatic bedroom lights to illuminate paths t ensuite toilet and discreet bed safety strips to reduce the risk of falls.
  • The provider funded a member of staff to commence a degree in physiotherapy as an advanced way of supporting people’s mobility.
  • Very high staff numbers and skills mixes provide a holistic approach to care and peoples’ safety.
  • Care records detailed, personalised and include specific medicines management care plans.
  • Nurses trained to deliver intravenous fluids and antibiotics.
  • Food standards enhanced by a very high level of organisation of the kitchen. The provider utilised inventive processes to support people with their nutritional requirements.
  • A particularly tranquil, warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout.
  • Hospital admissions from the home far below local averages
  • ‘Bar’ area with pictures, a pool table, dartboard and seating to resemble a pub
  • all bedrooms had an en suite shower, toilet and sink, which was an excellent approach to the protection of people’s dignity
  • A cinema for people to enjoy television programmes and for film afternoons.

Arcot House Residential Home, Arcot House, Arcot Gardens, Sidmouth, Devon,

What the inspectors said (Report published on 18 May 2017

  • Staff have exceptionally positive caring and compassionate relationships with people.
  • Member of staff undertook a qualification in aromatherapy hand, foot and head massage as a way for more people to benefit from its therapeutic effects.
  • Staff know each person as an individual and what matters to them, treating people with the utmost dignity and respect – like an ‘extended family’
  • People living with dementia receive best practice care because staff understand the different types.
  • People offered a variety of food and drinks to try as a fun way to expand their choices and try new flavours and textures, providing a daily ‘nutrition and ‘hydration’ boost’
  • Care exceptionally personalised.
  • Continuous electronic photography used to show relatives – and remind residents – what they have enjoyed doing recently, such as tossing pancakes and having a party.
  • Robust recruitment process in place to make sure people are cared for by suitable staff

Middleton Hall Retirement Village, Middleton Hall Limited, Middleton St George, Darlington, County Durham

What the inspectors said (report published on 7 March 2017)

  • Catering to hotel quality standard whilst ensuring people’s nutritional needs were met.
  • State-of-the-art GPS (global positioning system) technology used to support people to independently explore the extensive grounds in a safe way.
  • Staff bringing their individual personal skills to the service to help residents enjoy activities including bird watching, technology, exercise and fitness.
  • Staff had a full understanding of people’s support needs and had the skills and knowledge to meet them.
  • People’s independence was actively encouraged through a range of imaginative, person-centred approaches to activity-planning
  • .
  • The service excelled at ensuring they had a robust recruitment process that focussed on selecting people with the best skills and attitudes.
  • Staffing ratios were excellent and responsive to people’s changing needs and preferences.
  • Without exception people and visitors we spoke with told us that staff were extremely caring.
  • All interactions between staff and people were caring and respectful, with staff being patient, kind and compassionate.
  • Staff had created beautiful hand crafted ‘Memories’ books for the relatives of people who had passed away.

Maplehurst Nursing Home, 53 Oathall Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex,

What the inspectors said (Report published on 25 January 2018)

  • A choice of main courses each day with wine was available on request – inspectors witnessed people enjoying a glass of red or white wine with lunch
  • Care was ‘exceptionally personalised’ with staff paying attention to detail and demonstrating pride, passion and enthusiasm for the people they supported.
  • A trusted member of staff, known as a keyworker, allocated to take a lead role in each person’s care and wellbeing.
  • A bank of IPods with personalised playlists for each person – compiled with input from people and their relatives with the intention of bringing familiar and loved songs back into their lives
  • Regular visits from ‘Pet Therapy’ dogs which residents enjoy
  • Safety culture embedded at the service with medicines given safely and on time from trained staff
  • Residents taken out to dine on several occasions at local garden centres, popular restaurants and local attractions.

Willersley House, 85 Main Street, Willerby, East Yorkshire

What the inspectors said (report published on 23 January 2018)

  • Medicines were managed safely and staff had an exceptional knowledge of the medicine systems and procedures in place
  • Staffed 10% over the estimated required levels, in order to allow for annual leave, training and unplanned absence. Staff highly trained in safeguarding people. High levels of staff retention.
  • Residents given a hospital for appointments consisting of healthy snacks and fluids in a small pack up case. A ‘hospital passport’ containing important details is also provided to hand over to hospital when admitted to hospital
  • Pressure care and hydration champions used – the home had never had an individual develop a pressure sore or be admitted to hospital with dehydration.
  • People’s nutrition and hydration needs were extremely well catered for.
  • A handmade stocking left on the bed of each resident on Christmas Eve and a carol concert, supported by extra staffing to ensure all people could attend, held. Key workers chose personalised gifts for each person for Christmas morning
  • Staff supported a resident to Skype their grandchild who lived abroad.
  • Kind, extremely caring and compassionate staff routinely go above and beyond what was expected of them, providing excellent, high quality care.


Care facilities not specifically caring for the elderly and vulnerable, which also scored outstanding in every area, include Thistle Hill Hall in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Heaton Vale, in Belmont, Stockport and Mansard House, in Preston, Lancashire.

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