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October 19th 2015

Cancer Claims

Hudgell Solicitors staff ready to ‘Wear it Pink’ in support of breast cancer research

Hudgell Solicitors staff ready to ‘Wear it Pink’ in support of breast cancer research

By Lauren Dale, Clinical Negligence Solicitor at Hudgell Solicitors

By Lauren Dale, Clinical Negligence Solicitor at Hudgell Solicitors

According to the latest statistics, there are an estimated 2.5 million people in the UK today who have had a cancer diagnosis – an increase of almost half a million people over the past five years.

It is being predicted that by the end of 2016, more than a thousand people will be diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK.

These are certainly worrying figures, but figures which also put the need to support ongoing research and investment into cancer treatments sharply into focus.

Progress is certainly being made.

The proportion of people living longer after cancer is increasing, and the number of people alive more than 5 years from initial diagnosis is predicted to more than double between 2010 and 2030 to 2.7 million.

But more needs to be done, and quicker. Better treatment needs to be developed, and this can only be done by continued research and medical development, which comes at huge cost.

This is why events such as the ‘Wear it Pink’ day, which will raise money to fund world-class research into breast cancer on Friday, October 23, 2015, are so important.

Simply by committing to wearing something pink on the day, and making whatever donation you feel able to, you will help advance that much needed research and medical development.

The day raises around £2 million, and since its launch in 2002, more than £27 million has been raised, thanks many thousands of people taking part, including more than 7,000 schools, close to 40,000 workplaces and more than 8,000 homes and social venues.

In our work at Hudgell Solicitors, we see many families whose lives are affected by cancer. We see how it doesn’t just affect the individual themselves, but everyone around them who loves and cares for them.

Much of our work focuses around ensuring the very best treatment is provided for cancer patients, with a key focus placed on lessons being learned to ensure early detection at all times, as this impacts on the level of treatment a patient may have to undergo.

A recent study suggested a quarter of cancer patients in the UK made at least three visits to their GP before being sent to hospital for tests which correctly diagnosed their illness. This is clearly unacceptable.

With that in mind, it was great to hear NHS England announce a five-year plan, costing £400m a year, which aims to improve cancer care and hopefully help an extra 30,000 cancer patients survive for 10 years.

It will see a new four-week target set for diagnosis from GP referral, and an 80 per cent increase in the number of tests being carried out.

Going hand in hand with all the great fund-raising initiatives, such as this Friday’s event, which is organised by Breast Cancer Now, this devastating disease can be beaten.

It is why our staff, in our Hull, Leeds and London offices, will be pink and proud this Friday.

We hope you will be too.

To find out more about how to support Friday’s fundraising, go to the Wear It Pink website.

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