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March 26th 2014

Chris Moore

Child Brain Injury Trust Annual Conference and Exhibition – 26th March 2014

Chris Moore

Chris Moore

Joint Head of Clinical Negligence

Child Brain Injury Trust Annual Conference and Exhibition – 26th March 2014

By Chris Moore, Medical Negligence expert and Senior Solicitor at Neil Hudgell Solicitors

By Chris Moore, Medical Negligence expert and Senior Solicitor at Neil Hudgell Solicitors

WHEN a child suffers from any form of brain injury it is always a devastating, life-changing event for their parents and families.

More often than not, lives which are normal, happy and care free, are never the same again.

Both for the child themselves, and for their families, it is a case of having to adapt to a completely different way of life.

Huge new demands and challenges must be faced, each and every day, for the rest of their lives.

At Neil Hudgell Solicitors, we unfortunately come into contact with families in this very situation regularly. They are quite obviously devastated and emotionally drained by the brain injury their child has suffered.

They are always struggling to come to terms with what has happened to them, and also concerned, maybe even frightened, about what lies ahead, how they will cope, and the support they can expect.

As brain injury compensation specialists, we realise no financial compensation can ever be enough to return life to normal in these circumstances.

However, it can certainly help towards medical treatment, rehabilitation, financial security and a better quality of life though qualified support and advice.

The annual Child Brain Injury Trust Annual Conference and Exhibition held in Manchester on 26th March is an excellent event which explores just what support is out there for families such as those we often meet.

It will ask key questions as to whether health, education and social care are truly being brought together by the Government, and explore whether there is enough support out there for families in the modern world.

Without doubt, the lives of parents with children who suffer brain injuries are turned upside down in an instant. They quite simply don’t know where to start adapting to the massive challenge ahead, and need support and advice of all they come into contact with.

At Neil Hudgell Solicitors, we recognise it is not just initial help, but long-term, ongoing support and guidance which is paramount. The phrase time is a great healer simple couldn’t be further from the truth for the families of children with brain injuries.

Unlike in adults, where the effects of a brain injury are generally apparent soon after the event, for children it often is a worsening situation, as it is only as their brain develops fully that the extent of a child’s brain injury can be known.

It is for this reason we are dedicated to offering the best care and expertise to head and brain injury victims, and are proud members of Headway, a registered charity set up to give help and support to victims and their families across the UK.

This ensures our clients have access to rehabilitation programmes, care-worker support, social re-integration, community outreach and respite care.

We are also members of the Brain Injury Group, the UK’s first dedicated panel of brain injury solicitors, for which all members must be established specialists in head injury compensation claims.

A key question to be addressed at next week’s conference is who is actually responsible for the care, health and education of children affected by brain injury?

The answer is surely that we are all, as anyone who families turn to for help in such a situation deserve not just a professional service, but also their full support.

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