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Hudgell Solicitors launches pledge to do ‘Everything It Takes’ for people injured in accidents on the roads

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Jane Woodcock

Consultant Lawyer

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13 Aug 2018


Whether a driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist, you are usually simply in the wrong place, at the wrong time when injured in a road accident that is not your fault.

And should you suffer an injury which impacts on your life – and the lives of those around you – you will need the right support and advice to help you make the best recovery, as quickly as possible.

Our specialist road injury compensation team at Hudgell Solicitors support hundreds of people each and every year.

We know that even the most minor of accidents can have a long-term impact on life at work and at home.

We also see the devastation caused by fatal accidents, with those left behind not only having to cope with the heartache of losing someone they love, but often left also facing worries over issues such as finances, childcare, employment and meeting payments on their home.

Our role is simple – we are there to provide our full support to those injured to help them through difficult days.

It is why we have launched our ‘Everything It Takes’ pledge – a commitment from our team to ensure every aspect of life affected by an injury on the roads is considered by our team, and specialist and dedicated support provided.

As part of our ‘Everything It Takes’ pledge for road accident victims, Hudgell Solicitors will seek to;

  • Ensure access to a range of specialists to help you cope with the impact of your injury
  • Take away worries over finances and look to recover any lost earnings
  • Seek expert medical treatment and full physiotherapy or rehabilitation packages as soon as possible
  • Deal with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure you are fully compensated financially
  • Provide support to your loved ones and ensure the impact on their lives is considered
  • Ensure you are compensated, even if you were partly at fault for your injuries


We speak to many people who are unaware of the extensive and sometimes long-term support an accident compensation claim can provide. We continue to support many people for years after accidents have happened, particularly in cases where the care and health of children is central to our work.

From securing early access to medical treatment and rehabilitation to helping to ease financial worries by recovering lost earnings and even compensating other family members for their time and any financial loss from giving their time to help you, we’ll look to lessen worries in difficult times.

Support – and compensation – can also be provided for those injured on the roads, even if they were in some way partly at fault, if the other party was also to blame in some way.

Latest statistics show that there were more than 181,300 road injuries in the UK in 2016, with more than 24,000 people seriously injured and 1,792 fatalities – a five year high.

Jane Woodcock, head of personal injury at Hudgell Solicitors, says those figures highlight the important role leading medical and legal specialists have in supporting road injury victims, and why the Hudgell Solicitors’ ‘Everything It Takes’ pledge is so important.

She said: “Given the number of vehicles on the roads and the modern world we live in where there are so many day to day distractions, the number of people who require dedicated medical and legal support after being injured will only increase.

“For those who are most seriously injured it can be life-changing, leaving them needing a complete package of support to provide them with any chance of being able to rebuild their lives.

“Time off work, lost income, childcare issues, reduced mobility, the need for adaptations at home or perhaps even round the clock care are all matters that people can rest assured that our team will take care of.

“Similarly, people who lose loved ones – particularly family members who provided financially for their family – are often left in very difficult situations.

“They need people who are prepared to do Everything It Takes to help them. For us that doesn’t just mean a compensation settlement, it means looking to help all aspects of their life which have suffered as a result of their accident.”

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Hudgell Solicitors launches pledge to do ‘Everything It Takes’ for people injured in accidents on the roads

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