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IOPC to re-open its investigation into Met’s response to serial killer Port: Statement on behalf of the victims’ families

Victims of Stephen Port

Dr Neil Hudgell

Executive Chairman

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23 Jun 2022

The IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) has today confirmed it will re-open its investigation into the way the Metropolitan Police investigated the deaths of the four men killed by serial killer Stephen Port.

In a letter sent to the families’ solicitor Neil Hudgell of Hudgell Solicitors this morning, the IOPC said a new investigation was in the public interest.

Speaking on behalf of the families, Neil Hudgell says:

“This was the only logical decision open to the IOPC following the weight of evidence heard at the inquests last year.

“The original IOPC report was hindered by a wall of silence, given that all but one of the 17 officers questioned gave ‘no comment’ interviews. Our hope now is that the IOPC will have a lot more to go on.

“There remains a big question mark over whether police prejudice played a part in the investigations. During the inquests, the police attempted to brief the media that the coroner had found no evidence of homophobia, which is simply not true. The coroner did not ask the inquest jury to make findings of prejudice at the request of the police.

“The families strongly held belief is that the police’s actions were, in part, driven by homophobia. Had four, white, heterosexual girls been found dead in the same manner as Anthony, Gabriel, Daniel and Jack, then the police’s actions, and the likely outcomes, would have been different.

“The families were left traumatised by their treatment at the hands of the police. The inadequate investigations by the Metropolitan Police into the four deaths is one of the most widespread institutional failures in modern history, exacerbated by a woeful lack of remorse, regret or sympathy displayed at the inquests by some of the officers involved.

“The inquests identified fundamental failings and basic errors in the investigation into Anthony’s death which meant that Port was free to go on to kill Gabriel, Daniel and Jack. Port was jailed for life, but the police have blood on their hands too. It is time for them to be held accountable.

“We expect the IOPC to investigate with renewed vigour. The families are ready to assist in any way they can, we hope the same can be said of the police.”

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IOPC to re-open its investigation into Met’s response to serial killer Port: Statement on behalf of the victims’ families

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